Updated: 1Passwd 2.4.11

Updated: 1Passwd 2.4.11

With the explosion in the number of websites we rely upon it has become impossible to securely keep track of all your passwords. The old techniques of password memorization and password reuse are no longer acceptable practices in today's security conscious environment.


But most users continue to rely on bad practices in order to remember their passwords. Why? Because they have been shown they need to sacrifice convenience for security.


The 1Passwd password manager is not just for security, but for convenience too! All the bad security habits users have invented over the years are all caused by the fear of forgetting their passwords. Because of this fear, users continue to rely on these "tried and true" habits so they will never forget a password. After all, how can you lose a password is you use trivial passwords and reuse them on all your sites?


Password managers alleviate this problem because they allow you to put the computer in charge of what it is good at: remembering thousands of trivial details. Most users choose trivial passwords for the web sites they visit. They compromise the strength of passwords in order to make it easier for them to memorize them. By using a password manager along with the ability to generate strong passwords, you can have a super-secure password and never need to memorize it!


REQUIREMENTS: Mac OS 10.4 or later


To download a demo of 1Passwd 2.4.11 (6.5MB), click here.




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Carl S.

Just wanted to add that you can always find the very latest version of 1Passwd (currently 2.4.9) using the link below:


Carl S.
Agile Web Solutions

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