Use Keywords to Find Photos Fast

Use Keywords to Find Photos Fast

2. The More the Merrier
The more keywords you create, the easier it becomes to find exactly what you’re looking for. To begin adding keywords to iPhoto, select iPhoto > Preferences > Keywords, and then click the plus sign in the lower left. Create keywords for frequently photographed people, places, or events (for example, holidays, birthdays, vacations, locations, people’s names, and so on). Try to avoid adding a keyword for something that isn’t heavily represented in your library. For example, if you have one picture of a sloth from your trip to the zoo, you probably don’t need to add sloth as a keyword. On the other hand, if you have at least a handful of pictures from that zoo visit, consider adding zoo as a keyword.


Don’t beat yourself up trying to think of everyone and everything all at once. Just enter as many applicable keywords as come to mind. You can always add more later. As you add keywords, the list of corresponding buttons on the left side of your screen will grow accordingly.


You’ll be able to find the picture you’re looking for faster if iPhoto is designated to match all keywords when filtering.





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Keywords are great, but Keyword Assistant makes using them even easier. It's free too, and a great little addition to iPhoto.



Keyword Manager is even better. (Not free, though.)

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