Use Keywords to Find Photos Fast

Use Keywords to Find Photos Fast

3. Assign 'Em

Now that you’ve customized the list of keywords, you can begin assigning them to your photos. To assign keywords, drag and drop a picture onto its relevant keyword button. You’ll notice that the keyword appears below the picture’s thumbnail. This will hold true for any additional keywords that you assign. Repeat this process to assign as many keywords as necessary to a given image.


To speed up the process, select several pictures at once by holding down the Command key as you click the thumbnails. Do this for all your zoo photos, for example, and then drag them onto the keyword zoo. You can assign one image to multiple keywords by dragging it onto multiple keyword icons - and in fact, we recommend assigning as many applicable keywords to every image as makes sense.


Assigned keywords appear below the title of the picture in thumbnail view.






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Keywords are great, but Keyword Assistant makes using them even easier. It's free too, and a great little addition to iPhoto.



Keyword Manager is even better. (Not free, though.)

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