Use Keywords to Find Photos Fast

Use Keywords to Find Photos Fast

5. Use 'Em

Once you’ve labeled all of your pictures with keywords, you’re ready for action. Clicking a keyword button will filter out any photo that lacks that keyword. For example, if you click on the keyword for your name, iPhoto will only display pictures that you tagged with your name. If you click on the button for your name and the button for your cousin Oliver’s name, only pictures of you and Ollie will be displayed. If you click on the buttons for you, Oliver, and Christmas, only pictures of you and Ollie at Christmas will be displayed. To deselect a keyword, simply click the button again, or click Reset to clear all of your selections.


The more keywords you select, the more specific your results will be.


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BONUS TIP: Transfer iPhoto Keywords to Flickr

If you use Flickr to share and manage your photos online, check out the free 30-day trial of FlickrExport (£12, about $24 at press time). This app can transfer your titles, descriptions, and keywords from iPhoto to Flickr (keywords become tags), and it can also resize your images in batches so they take up less space on Flickr.


FlickrExport saves you time by turning your iPhoto keywords into Flickr tags.




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Keywords are great, but Keyword Assistant makes using them even easier. It's free too, and a great little addition to iPhoto.



Keyword Manager is even better. (Not free, though.)

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