Users Dis iMovie '08; OS X and iPhone Hackers Hard at Work; and More

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Users Dis iMovie '08; OS X and iPhone Hackers Hard at Work; and More

iMovie '08 haters gather steam: The total revamp of Apple's low-end video-editing software, iMovie, for the latest iLife suite has gotten some Apple faithful's knickers in a bunch, mainly because, although it may be easier to use than iMovie '06, it is also a lot less flexible. For his part, Mac|Life's Roman Loyola agrees with many of these complaints, particular those that relate to the inability to edit audio. On the flip side, there may be quite a few "techno-atheists" attracted by the ease of use promised by iMovie '08 and the other iLife apps.


EULA? We don't need no stinkin' EULA! Hackers have successfully gotten Leopard - yes Leopard, the code name for Mac OS 10.5, which is still in beta - to run on non-Apple hardware alongside Windows Vista. It's an interesting proof of concept, indeed, but illegal (and quite complicated). According to one security expert, this development shouldn't come as a surprise: "Macs are as easy to hack as they are to use," he says.


And speaking of hackers: The iPhone has been fully unlocked so it can use any carrier's SIM card. The secret ingredient? A Turbo SIM card from a company called Bladox. If that's a bit too rich for your blood, try Lights Off, the first native iPhone game (it's not a Web app!).


Meanwhile, some other folks who have a lot of free time got Bluetooth working with an Apple II.


Apple's new wireless keyboard not yet FCC approved: If you're wondering why you can't get your hands on one of Apple's new subcompact Bluetooth keyboard-and-mouse combos, it's because the company is still getting the required FCC approval to release it in the United States.


What's HD anyway? When Steve Jobs answered a question at last week's press briefing about high-definition video, he apparently sounded like he was blaming the HD video industry for…something. That something appears to be an inability to agree on just what, exactly, HD is.


In other news: Consumer satisfaction with computers rises by a teeny bit (but not for Apple and Dell), but overall remains flat. iMacs and Apple notebooks aren't the only devices prone to overheating. The next time you're stuck in traffic, you'll want one of these. And we're glad to discover that, despite his unmasking, Fake Steve Jobs is still funny.




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Christ Fierro

i´m going to spend 2100 dollars on a new imac and some peripherals , i live in mexico so earning that money took me 2 months (and yes i´m an enginner)... here it´s really hard to find macs... and yes i can get a gigantic PC with that money here in mexico... but i want the imac...

if you picture a ferrari as a mac..

whats the diffence between a ferrari and a honda?? i don´t care i love the ferrari, i don't care the price... (yes that a macaddict)

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