Using Exposé with Spaces in Leopard

Using Exposé with Spaces in Leopard

If you're like me, you probably have several applications open at once. For example, I often have Excel, TextWrangler, Photoshop CS3, Safari, Firefox, Tiger Woods PGA Tour '08, and iTunes open at the same time - and that's not including Entourage, Adium, Twitterific, and other apps that are open all the time.


Leopard's Spaces is my favorite new feature. It helps organize application windows. But I sometimes forget to switch to a new Space and I end up with window clutter. Fortunately, you can use Exposé within Spaces to clean up the clutter.


1. Press F8 to see all your Spaces. In this example, all my applications and documents are open in the first Space (I have a second LCD connected to my iMac, which explains the split Spaces). Click on the image to see a full-sized picture.


2. Now press F9. Exposé does its thing and sorts the windows. You can now click and drag windows to other Spaces. Click on the image to see a full-sized picture.


You can assign applications to specific Spaces. For example, you can assign Chess (or in my case, Tiger Woods PGA Tour '08) to its own dedicated Space. That way, you can quickly switch away from that Space in case your boss/mom/dad/girlfriend/boyfriend/client stops by and bugs you. It also helps you control window clutter.


To assign an application to a Space, go to System Preferences > Exposé & Spaces > Spaces. Click on the + button to make application assignments.



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Is there anyway to tell Spaces my default space for Finder? I know that's sounds a little dumb but I would like all my copy-pasting, file renaming, drag and droping, window clutter in a separate space by default.

Or is there anyway to tell Leopard to migrate a whole application and its windows (already open) to another Space?



Michael Long

@jchaac, There's a tip for assigning Finder to a given space. It's listed here...

Quick Tip: Assigning The Finder To A Specific Space

You might also find this of value...

Confessions of a Space-oholic...



I'm definately getting a second monitor to assist my current 17 inch Samsung but since I'm using the "second monitor workspace" for my tv to watch recorded material I think I also might have to get some sort of dvi-switch so that I can switch between the second monitor and my tv...

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