Utilities: Full Software List

Utilities: Full Software List

Here's a list of all the demos, trials, freeware, shareware, and donationware in the Utilities section of the Software Vault. Check back often to see what's new and what's been updated.


Just click on any software title for more information and a download link.




Dragster 1.0.5 shareware - A handy application that takes the drag out of file transfers.


EasyEnvelopes Widget 1.0.7 freeware - Create picture-perfect envelopes every time with this widget.


Seek 1.1.3 shareware - Search for anything, anywhere.


iToner 1.0.6 shareware - Unlimited custom ringtones for your iPhone!


Klix 1.0 demo - Recover photographs from damaged or uncooperative media cards and cameras.


MacScan 2.5 demo - Surf safely with this Internet-security utility.


ShredIt X 5.7 demo - Easily shreds any file so that its data can never be recovered.


Snapz Pro X 2.1.2 demo - A powerful, versatile, and easy to use screen capture solution for Mac OS X.


StuffIt Standard Mac 11.0.2 trial - Solve all your basic compression needs quickly and easily.


WireTap Studio 1.0.4 shareware - If you can hear it, WireTap Studio can record it.


Editors' Picks:


1Passwd 2.4.11 demo - Create strong, safe passwords and manage them with ease.

A Better Finder Rename 7.8.5 shareware - Easily rename multiple files in a matter of seconds.


AlarmClockPro 8.0 trial - This iTunes and Web-enabled alarm clock enhances the quality and serenity of your daily life.


Amnesty Generator 1.3 freeware - Run your favorite web widgets in your Dashboard or Sidebar.


Amnesty Singles 1.2.1 trial - Turn any Dashboard widget into a standalone application.


AOL Instant Messenger 4.7 freeware - Keep in touch with friends with IM and swap files while you're at it.


AppZapper 1.8 shareware - Quickly and completely delete applications along with all their related support files.


The Atomic Mac 6.7.0 trial - An extremely complete software periodic table of the elements for your Mac.


Awaken 3.1 trial - This digital alarm clock will wake you with tunes from your iTunes library or with any of its built-in alarms.


BBAutoComplete 1.5 freeware - The most versatile word and phrase auto-completion tool available. Killer for coders.


BetterZip 1.5 trial - Sometimes you only want to extract exactly those files you really need.


Birthday Buzzer 1.1.1 demo - Don't be a dope and forget yet another birthday.


BurnAgain DVD 1.2 demo - Multi-session disc burning reinvented.


Burnz 1.1.32u trial - Burn discs faster and more efficiently than the Finder could ever dream of doing.


Captain FTP 5.0 trial - Be the captain of the FTP seas with this powerful FTP client.


CDFinder 5.0.1 trial - Organize your disk and data archive and keep track of your digital media assets.


Charmas 2.0 shareware - Get out of the font jungle with this app.


ChronoSync 3.3.5 demo - Efficiently synchronize files and folders from one disk location to another.


CLIX 1.8.0a freeware - Harness the power of Unix - all of Unix.


Compress Files 2.4 demo - An easy-to-use tool for compressing, archiving, and encrypting files while omitting Mac-specific invisible files.


DasBoot 1.0.2 freeware - Create a bootable diagnostic drive from an iPod, flash drive, other device.


DashQuit 2.1 freeware - Take better control of your Dashboard widgets.


DetoxDiskz 1.0u trial - Protect your files when moving them among Windows, Unix, and Linux file systems.


First-Generation iPod nano Template freeware - Create your own iPod armor.


FinanceToGo 1.5 demo - Professional and intuitive finance management for homes, small businesses and accountants.


FontDoctor 7.3 demo - Got font problems? Not anymore.


FontNuke 1.10 freeware - Clear troublesome font-cache files quickly and easily.


Font Tools 7.0 demo - Good typography becomes easier with aid of this program.


Health Tracker 3.1.0 trial - A simple yet powerful program which helps you keep track of and graph any health related measurement.


HoudahSpot 1.4.8 demo - Quickly create and store powerful search queries.


HyperImage 1.0 trial - Do you download lots of images from the web? HyperImage is made for you.


iClip 4 demo - Here's a multi-level, easy-to-use, scrapbook and clipboard expander.


iGet 2.5.5 demo - This modern file-transfer tool supports all the file features that Mac users expect.


iGetter 2.6.1 shareware - Look ahead for better downloading from the internet.


iList Data 3.5 demo - A powerful, single-user database for the Macintosh.


Interarchy 8.5.3 trial - Gain control over most every Internet file-transfer function, plus work with remote servers.


iScrapbook 1.1.1 trial - Professional scrapbooking software so simple that a monkey could use it.


JABMenu 1.2 shareware - A system-wide menu provides an easy way to access your Address Book data.


Keep It Together 1.3.8 trial - Keep your stuff together, and find it again instantly.


Macintosh Explorer 4.5 trial - One thing Windows does right is its Windows Explorer file management. Here it is for the Mac.


MailSteward 7.6.1 demo - MailSteward will archive all of your email in a database for easy retrieval.


Martian LifeBoat 1.0.1 demo - Backing up to external media just got a lot easier.


MemoBlock 4.7 donationware - This notepad utility incldes styling, alarms, iPod integration, and more.


Monolingual 1.3.7 freeware - If you don't speak Urdu (or many other languages), why should it take up space on your hard drive?


MS Messenger 6.0.3 freeware - For Mac users who want to communicate instantly with family, friends and colleagues from one convenient place.


NetSpeedometer 2007 donationware - Graphically monitor the speed of your internet connection.


NetworkLocation 1.1 trial - NetworkLocation adds a whole new dimension to using OS X locations.


OnyX 1.3.1 (Jaguar/Puma) donationware - Maintain, optimize, and personalize your Mac.


OnyX 1.5.3 (Panther) donationware - Maintain, optimize, and personalize your Mac.


OnyX 1.7.9 (Tiger) donationware - Maintain, optimize, and personalize your Mac.



PageSender 4.0.1 trial - Fax or e-mail anything you can print with this full-featured fax software.


PasswordVault Lite 5.2 trial - This password manager offers auto-filling of Web forms, detailed reports, and much more.


Peek-a-Boo 2.6.4 shareware - Monitor all your system's activities, plus adjust process priorities.


Power Manager 3.6.2 demo - Automate when your Mac is on, off, awake, asleep, and secured.


Preferential Treatment 1.1.7 freeware - Track down and easily eliminate corrupted preferences files.


Process Wizard 1.1 beta freeware - Track and change the priority of all your system processes.


Remote Buddy 1.1 demo - Make better use of your Mac's remote control with this neat application.


Savvy Clipboard 2.1 shareware - Add easy-to-use multiple-clipboard capability to your Mac.


SecuritySpy 1.4.1 demo - If you want to set up a multi-camera security system, this is the software you need.


Speed Download 4.1.12 trial - Take control of all your download and file-transfer tasks quickly and efficiently.

Springy 1.2.2 shareware - Manage all your compressed-file archives with ease and elegance.


SuperDuper 2.1.4 freeware - You do back up regularly, right? This backup utility is so easy, your excuses are no longer valid.


TextExpander 1.4.2 demo - This customizable typing timesaver expands abbreviations as you type.


Think 1.1 trial - The world is full of distractions, and so is your Mac. Think helps you concentrate on the task at hand.


TimeCache 6.1.8 trial - TimeCache simplifies the tracking, reporting, and billing of time spent on projects.


TrashCache 1.6.8 shareware - Manage your trash with this safe and sane utility.


Vela Clock 2.1.1 demo - Though your Mac has a clock, it doesn't have a clock even remotely like this.


Virtual TimeClock Pro 5.3 trial - Effortlessly track your employee's hours and overtime.


World Clock Deluxe 4.4.9 shareware - Regularly work with people across the world? Have family or friends living in other countries or time zones? Often travel abroad? You can make your life easier.


Xupport 3.4.1 demo - Take total control of OS X with this handy utility.


You Control 1.5 trial - Take custom control of how you use your Mac.


You Control: Fonts 1.2 demo - Fonts can drive you crazy; this app will restore your sanity.


Yummy FTP 1.6 trial - This fast, flexible, and reliable file transfer utility is wrapped in an intuitive user interface.


Zipeg freeware - A freeware alternative for StuffIt and similar compression utilities.




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