Vestalife Ladybug: This Speaker's Gone Buggy

Vestalife Ladybug: This Speaker's Gone Buggy

This is one bug that won’t spoil your picnic.


Standing out is important in the crowded iPod-speaker market, and Vestalife manages to do that with its first entry into the field, the Ladybug.


At first glance, you might not even think it’s a sound system at all. It just looks like a 5.4-by-5.6-inch ball that resembles an overgrown ladybug with closed wings. When you open it up, the speakers fan out, exposing the docking area, and the device looks ready to fly off your shelf. Parents will appreciate the unique rubberized coat of paint that gives the sub-2-pound speaker an original feel and makes it simple for kids to grip without dropping.


The unit has a full, robust sound thanks to a built-in subwoofer and digital amp, but the lack of treble and bass controls keep the audio quality from being truly extraordinary. Full video-out is also a plus, and there’s an audio-in jack to connect other devices, as well as a USB port for syncing your iPod with your Mac. For on-the-go power, you can use four AA batteries instead of the AC connection.


Design is really where this product stands out. The compact size is not only cute, but it also makes portability a breeze. In addition to the standard colors of silver and red, the Ladybug is also available with Element Skateboard artist–designed prints, which will appeal to fans of insects that have been decorated with urban and graffiti-styled art.


The bottom line. The Vestalife Ladybug’s decent sound and standout design make it an appealing iPod entertainment system for users of any age.


COMPANY: Vestalife


PRICE: $109.95 standard, $124.95 limited edition


Great design. Easily portable. Remote control. Battery option. Works with iPhone.

No treble or bass adjustment. Annoyingly clunky battery cover.




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