Lookin' good, soundin' good.


iPod earbuds are instantly recognizable - they also instantly tell the observer that you're using an iPod. V-Moda's Vibe e­arphones may not convey such status (which might be a good thing), but they certainly are eye-catching. And they sound as good as they look.


The Vibe earphones handled everything we threw at them. Midtones sounded rich, and high-range sounds came in crisp and clean. Bass had a surprising amount of punch. It won't feel thunderous in your head, but hip-hoppers who like bass will be satisfied.


You get eight pairs of silicone earbuds, each a different size to help you find a snug fit. Vibe earphones are available in four colors: la mocha (gold and black), black chrome, gunmetal black, and gunmetal rouge. Each set comes with V-Moda's modawrap earphone-cable manager and a gold leather storage pouch to keep everything tidy. (If nothing else, it's a way to add gold leather to your wardrobe. Although a belt might be cheaper.)


The bottom line. A vast improvement over the iPod earbuds, both audibly and visually.


PRICE: $99.95
REQUIREMENTS: Headphone jack
Distinct industrial look. Lots of silicone ear cushions. Great overall audio quality.





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Chris Kaiser

These are just great! I bought a pair after using the apple in-ear headphones for over a year, after using these you can't even call the apple earphones "in-ear". I say this because the Vibes extend so much further into your ear, making them much more secure. The bottom line is that they look beautiful, sound great, stay in place and are affordable.



If you call these pricey you don't know much about high end audio. Go check out a pair of UE's or a pair of Grado's.



I recently purchased these at Macworld '07 in San Francisco. All I have to say is I compared these to the eshure series, and they don't even compare. These sound so good I would have paid double, but considering they are a lot cheaper than the eshure's. These have better bass response then even my huge over the ear headphones. These are golden, well actually silver, shiny and awesome!!!


Stephen R. Hendrickx

I need to know please if these stay in your ears under excersise? My son's girlfriend has ears that fixed rubber clips don't work because of her ear shape so I need to find a pair that will stay in her ears under excersise. Apple's earbuds don't stay in. Thank you for any help.

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