NuPower Video+

NuPower Video+

Give your iPod a battery boost.


Three thousand, nine hundred and eighty. That’s the number of times we played Guided by Voices’ 1-minute song “The Perfect Life” consecutively on a fully charged 7-month-old 80GB 5G iPod at its default settings with a NuPower Video+ iPod battery pack attached. (The song is actually 59 seconds, so we added 1 second of silence to make it a little easier to calculate the NuPower’s, uh, power.) That many minutes add up to 66.33 hours—compared to the 19 hours you can get from just your iPod’s battery. Using it for video playback, we got 22.17 consecutive hours. We also tested it while playing music on shuffle, and got similar results. Oddly, Newer Technology claims you’ll get 80 hours of audio (which we fell short on) and only 16 hours of video. Regardless, that’s a whole lot of iPod-ing going on.


The NuPower Video+ battery connects to your iPod’s dock. The battery lines up against the back of the iPod, and once it’s in place, it adds a significant amount of bulk—adding weight and making it impossible to fit your iPod in an existing case. The battery does come with its own silicone iPod case, but there’s no screen protector. We appreciated the NuPower’s convenient dock connector, which let us charge during syncing the way we normally do.


The bottom line. When you need to extend your iPod’s battery life, you can count on the NuPower Video+ to keep your iPod chugging for a long, long time.


COMPANY: Newer Technology
PRICE: $49.99
Connects to iPod dock port. Includes silicone case. Greatly extends battery life.
Nearly doubles the iPod’s thickness. Won’t fit with other iPod cases.





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