Video: CoolMacPicks - Bevy and IncipioBud

Video: CoolMacPicks - Bevy and IncipioBud


Follow along with Sam Levin as he gives you a look at the Mophie Bevy ($15) and the IncipioBud ($10).


REQUIREMENTS: QuickTime 7 or later to watch the video.


You can also download compressed versions of this video. After you download any of these three versions, just double-click it to uncompress it:


> Podcast: iPod video format (17.7MB)

> QuickTime: High-resolution QuickTime movie (39MB)

> Apple TV: High-resolution AppleTV movie (69.4MB)




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that bevy is super cool!!
me wants.

but that incepio bud needs a little hole in it so it can ride along on the keychain.



I know, that Bevvie is really cool. I am gettig that as my new gift item for friends and family!



Who is this guy? How far down has macaddict gone since they changed to maclife? Just totally sloppy, a total advertiser pimp, and no intelligent information in his report. Aren't any of you embarrased at the new magazine?

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