Video: Create a Podcast - Quick, Fast, and in a Hurry

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Video: Create a Podcast - Quick, Fast, and in a Hurry


Using a Mac notebook, mic, and Audacity, Eugene shows you how to create a professional-sounding podcast in minutes.


REQUIREMENTS: QuickTime 7.0 or later.


To download this video to add to iTunes for viewing on a video iPod, click here. (Note: To uncompress the file after downloading, double-click it.)




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Every little chat Salon 1000 ah!replica watchYou are my best's buddy



Contrary to what Eugene says, you DO NOT require software that you need to pay for in order to export your Audacity stuff to MP3. All you need is to download the LAME encoder (which is free) and the first time you select "Export to MP3" you select the Lame encoder, and you're set.



Thank you!
Not only was it informative, it was nice to hear a transplanted brother from New York City (like myself) speaking some Yiddish.
Matzel t'ov!



Eugene, thanks for giving this quick lesson. Of course, if i don't have a web guy, i need to publish this thing myself - and uhh - the major thing about a podcast is an RSS-feed. Not familiar with this? No worries, the quickest way goes through iWeb (as you learn in my 1hour university workshop) and .Mac and it's even faster than your recording. And one more thing: With the upcoming Podcast Producer on Leopard Server the recording AND publishing of a podcast will be a one-click thing, New York speed.

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