Video: Love Of Indy and Legos Equals Hilarious Disaster

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Video: Love Of Indy and Legos Equals Hilarious Disaster

In a sure sign that San Francisco is a place where, if you can dream it, you can find five other guys to help you pull it off.


A group of hard-core Indiana Jones fans created a life-size boulder out of 5 million legos and let it loose on the streets of San Francisco.



Kotaku thinks this my be another viral marketing ad. Possibly for the Indiana Jones Lego game coming from Lucas Arts. Does anyone who lives in the city remember this being filmed? Tell us in the comments.


A Kotaku commenter stated the video is real;


"Guess what people... that s**t was all real. the Indy running down the hill is oakland artist and one of the funniest people ever, Pete Grenquist, who coincidentally was on Kotaku a week ago in their article about the designer PacMan grenades.
believe me...
NO Permits
NO assistance from lego
Just a bunch of funny SF f***ers with criminal mischief inclinations and a lot of free time.
What else would you expect from the home of Burning Man??"


This is why I'm selling my car, wayward Lego boulders.


iPod touch/iPhone link


Via SFist



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not possible. an average 2x4 lego weighs 2.5 grams. multiply that by 5 million, and you get 2500000 grams, which equals about 3 short tons, or around 5,500 pounds. that would do more than just set off a car's alarm, and it would take more than 3 guys to push it. The inside is styrofoam.



People like you suck the fun out of everything.



"Truth: The Suckmaker!"

Would you prefer to know that the whole things a fraud or just be yet another bozo who believes it?

Thanks for doing the math, fellow Anonymous



You are right, it should be way heavier and the editing wasn't that exciting.

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