Video: Take Your iPod Under the Sea

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Video: Take Your iPod Under the Sea

If you've ever been snorkeling you know (unless there are whales nearby) there isn't much aurally going on. It's the perfect place to bring some tunes to enhance your fish watching activity.


Reviews Editor Roman Loyola gives us a first look at H2O Audio's IV6 Waterproof Case for the iPod classic. Will the case survive Roman's tub-o-water test? Check out the video to find out.



To download this video to add to iTunes for viewing on an iPod with video, iPhone or iPod touch, right click here and choose, Save link as.../Download linked file, depending on which flavor of browser you are using.


REQUIREMENTS: QuickTime 7.0 or later.



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Video is the best :)
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Well, it's quite the emberassing story, but once, I left my 1st Generation iPod Nano, in my Jean pocket, then I went to put it in the washing machine. When it was washing I thought "Erm...Where is my iPod?!" Then a lightbulb lit up above my head and realized it was in the washing machine, after about 30 minutes.

So I took it out, the weird thing is, it didn't feel wet, or even seem like it, but all of the clothes were drenched. It wouldn't turn on, so I was so scared, I've had this iPod for a long time. Then, I didn't give up, I synced my iPod to my computer, and I left it there, at first the blacklight would just flicker, then after about 5 minutes, sure enough I saw the "Charging" and iTunes came up, and I sighed in relief... Apples products = Amazing.

Try and do that with your Zune Microsoft buzzards!




I've been taking my iPod underwater 3-4 days a week since summer. I work underwater where it's murky and cold, no pretty fish... but my iPod keeps me rockin out all day long!

My case is a full drysuit with an attached latex hood that keeps my hair, ears and earbuds dry. The video model iPod rests in a pocket on my thigh inside the suit. I can push the buttons to pause and go forward and back right through my suit, but scrolling doesn't work.



I have one of these waterproof cases and let me tell you they are awesome!

I snorkeled with one in Mexico on my last vacation and what a scene I caused when people started noticing an iPod going into the water. Complete strangers came up to me with mouths open and eyes popping asking if they could give it a try.

Being underwater and seeing all the beautiful fish with music playing in your ears is an unbelievable experience that you should try at least once in your life.



Ok, I'm not a diver, but this is one cool product. Nice demo, Roman.



Not usable for swimming. The case works like a charm keeping your ipod dry but the earphones do not fill well in your ears allowing water and air bubbles to form in your ear canal making it all but inpossible to hear the music as sound does not travel well through both mediums.



I used to work for a hot-tub company.... we used those cases for the iPods that went with our stereo systems!

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