Video: Tame Your Wild Cables

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Video: Tame Your Wild Cables

Tired of the rat's nest of cables residing under his desk, Reviews Editor Roman Loyola hooks up with Callpod's Chargepod 6-way charging device.



To download this video to add to iTunes for viewing on an iPod with video, iPhone or iPod touch, right click here and choose, Save link as.../Download linked file, depending on which flavor of browser you are using.


REQUIREMENTS: QuickTime 7.0 or later.



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This adapter is horribly expensive if you order direct from the manufacturer's website. $50 for the base adapter with no cables, cables run $10 each. There is a bundle pack with 6 adapters but it doesn't make sense to buy if you don't have matching devices (the bundle pack is not customizable)



I just checked out the webpages for this product, it looks fantastic!
There are so many adapters for just about anything you could want to charge.

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