Video: The John Lennon Educational Tour Bus

Video: The John Lennon Educational Tour Bus


Join us aboard the The John Lennon Educational Tour Bus as audio engineers take us on a tour of this mobile recording studio, outfitted with both traditional and digital musical instruments, plus state-of-the-art production equipment - all running on Macs, of course.


For the past 10 years, the Bus has provided free hands-on instruction to hundreds of kids. Working together with prominent articts - Bob Weir, Black Eyed Peas, Al Jarreau, The Veronicas, D12, Lyfe Jennings, and more - the Lennon Bus works with kids to write and produce music and music videos using top-notch equipment provided by all the biggest names in instrument and audio-production gear.


For more information on the Bus, check out The John Lennon Educational Tour Bus and The John Lennon Songwriting Contest. If you're interested in the Bus visiting your school or oganization, just drop them an email.


REQUIREMENTS: QuickTime 7 or later


Download compressed versions of The John Lennon Educational Tour Bus video - after you download any of these three versions, just double-click it to uncompress it:

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