Video: Three Custom Bag Setups for Your Mac Laptop

Video: Three Custom Bag Setups for Your Mac Laptop


In the September 2007 issue of Mac|Life we'll bring you a buyer's guide reviewing the latest and greatest bags and sleeves for your MacBook and MacBook Pro. Today our editor in chief, Leslie Ayers, provides a video preview of some of the best.


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Nice video review! It's great to get a 3-D look. I'm surprised you didn't include any Waterfield ( bags! They are the boss. I have the Cargo with the really unique (and easy to use) paragliding buckle on it. It's a great company, with incredibly well-crafted products. You should do a review of it sometime.
Here's the Cargo web address:
I use it with one of these:
They rock!


Clint Bradford

Nice to see you at work, Leslie...Informal, honest, real. How 'bout more coverage to us 17" MBP owners? I am enjoying my PowerSleeve XL. Great workmanship and goor protection - with or without the Speck Products' hard shell case.



Great case selection but I have another suggestion for people looking for a great case. I just purchased a bumbakpak and I love this case. It is more comfortable to carry if you walk more than a couple hundred yards with your equipment and it was definitely made with a lot of thought put into what people need in a case.

The one I bought:

It comes is sizes from S to XXL so it will fit every size book. I own the XXL for my 17" MacBook Pro. Some of the great features:

1) water resistant exterior, interior, and most important water resistant zipper for the laptop compartment

2) soft interior for laptop compartment

3) large interior compartment for big stuff and plenty of smaller compartments for power supply, cables, etc. The great thing is that they are located on different sections of the bag so you can put your most used items in the front compartments and less used items in the compartments under the flap.

4) The exclusive bumbakpak system makes the case sit on your bum while wearing it so that your back doesn't get hot and it is easier to carry. It can convert to messenger style if you'd like although I found it too heavy to carry in that form.

5) Very high quality construction.


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