AT&T Seth Talks About the 3G Network and MMS for the iPhone



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Emmett The Crab

We still don't even have 3G where I live. But we pay for it anyway with the 3G iPhone. Also, it's interesting how they take credit for a smart-phone revolution, but they don't even advertise the iPhone on TV. They advertise their other dumb phones that people don't care about. They let Apple do it.


Calob Horton

I don't understand why AT&T would use somebody who is obviously bored with life. And that hair isn't helping anything, either. AT&T needs to take an approach that is similar to EVERY other company ever: make your advertisements/PSA's fun and entertaining. I find myself laughing every time I watch a 'Get a Mac' ad on television, because the story is just like a serial: it keeps going, and people want more. And of course, they're hilarious. However, I laugh at these AT&T commercials for a completely different reason. And that reason is this: Seth is a bored loser.

My short take on why these are pointless and huge wastes of money that should be going to fix the networks.



They don't give a shit about us and EVERYONE knows it!



Let's see if I get this straight.
AT&T's network is not robust enough as it stands, to handle the increased traffic since the introduction of new "smart phones: " (iPhone).

It takes time and money to upgrade the system.

That's about it right?

One word... Duh!?!?



I think Seth started getting bored of himself about 2 minutes in. I know I did.


Roberto Baldwin

Next time they need to bring in the "AT&T Dancers" to spice it up.

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