Exclusive Sneak Peek: G-Tech's New G-DRIVE



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Hi SpaceTrucker - This is Erin from G-Tech by Hitachi. Thanks for your post. Our new G-DRIVE mobile family is designed for the mainstream Mac market - those who want simple, quality storage for their MacBook. Check out the rest of our line if you're looking for RAID, 7200RPM-based external storage solutions (like our G-DRIVE mini portable drive), eSATA and more! www.g-technology.com.



What ever happened to Firewire 800?!?  I don't know about everyone else but, I have enough USB devices on my USB ports, I don't need anymore slowing things down, I however have no use for the Firewire 800 port which could use this kind of device.  Then again a 5400 rpm device is rather slow anyways...

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