Homeless Frank Takes on Microsoft Laptop Hunter Ads



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The Microsoft Laptop Hunter Ads created lots of wave because of its direct attack on Apple Mac. Apple Macs are costly buy they are not for everyone. Microsoft PCs are low cost and are for everyone. The target market is different and Microsoft should not see Apple Mac as threat because there is a vast cost difference. Clickbooth affiliate program network



Yes, it's preaching to the choir but since I face calling Dell customer service because the Vostro went south, I can't help but rejoice :-)



You get what you pay for..thats the bottom line..HOWEVER..The Red Headed Chick is SOO much better to look at than Frank..SHE IS HOT!!!



Funny vid, wonder if they are getting somewhere with those dumb ads anyway...



you're preachin' to the choir.



Lol, but truth be told about those ads, they seem a bit too unfair. Macs are almost always over $1000, good ones anyway can cost you more than $4000. But the reason is because with a Mac "You get what you pay for" Everything built in them is the reason for the cost. Sure if they were to give you a shell of a computer then perhaps they'd be cheaper but now that means you'll have to run out and pay for all the parts missing.

I'm not saying PC's are bad, I have Windows XP installed via the bootcamp method and I do tend to use it about as much as I do the Mac side. The main focus of these ads is that a PC is cheaper and can be better than a Mac based on the frameworks and other specifications. But truth be told that all PC's and Mac's are the same thing. You should get a computer based on what you need it for and how your going to use it. Macs are well known for being more user friendly because the system outlines are simple. There isn't too much you have to do. PC's are more of a working machine with a bit of a fun edge. You do need some help getting started on a PC where as the Mac is all set out of the box.

In the long run there is no "better computer" it all boils down to what you want and not the title of what it is. Well at least that's my opinion like it or lump it.

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