The Mac|Life Show: Episode 7



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The show is worth watching Oh yeah, and if I win send the switchback to e in a brown paper bag to....



I want this switchback



Had my MBP for a few months now, loving every minute of it, your show's awesome! Wonder if that onLive service will ever skip across the pond so us Brits can take advantage of it.



You all are great. Through the podcast you each have demonstrated that you have fantastic presence and wit. Robbie and Flo trigger serious LOLs. Nick has great musings and quips. And Susie and Ray bring great grounding and hi.larity. It's tricky to make the shift to video-- probably more difficult than I first thought. Here are some thoughts from watching the first 7 beta video casts. Take my comments for what they are worth.

- The video cast format needs work. product demos and reviews are well suited for video, but they seem like they should be in individual segments that could optionally play as one long sequence. I find myself bored in the beginning, wanting news and banter. Your magazine content is GREAT! The podcast was very entertaining. Think about folding in some segments that pull on those assets. Maybe you can do a video magic trick segment working in some weekly Apple news/rumor/speculation. Ask yourself, "What would Paster Randy want to hear?"

- The cut aways really help. It seems like too much pressure to have the staff always be on camera. It makes me realize how much 'work' news casters must do to look natural without really doing natural movements, like glancing at screens, slightly slouching, etc. Though some of that can be funny.

- I think you all are very, very witty, but some of the silliness is so much better via audio. Don't give up on funny in the video, just use cut aways and audio more. Robbie (the most funny guy on any podcast i listen to) sort of looks like Dwight from the office, especially during the Gorilla Light segment. I don't know why, but i keep thinking of it. BTW, are you going to post the audio as a podcast? please, please, please! You don't want our commutes to be dull, do you?

- Nick was over the top (but I'm sure he'll perfect his schtick). I half expected Flo to come flying out and tackle him. I think she needs to keep him in line or things like this happen. ;) Keep the chemistry of the podcast, if possible.

You all keep getting better and better at the video. Audio is not a dead format. There's no shame in reviving the podcast if that is the best format to connect with listeners/readers. :)






I would love that light!!!



two times



Ok gang.. good news and bad news.. first the good news...

-video looks great. Encoding is awesome.
-I like the attempts at cutaways (closeups of what you're talking about). I'm always a fan of cutting it live. Switchers and cameras are cheap nowadays.
-it's nice to see my favorite MacLife folks.

Now the bad news...

-sometimes is nice to NOT see your favorite MacLife folks!
-audio is too hollow. Get a pair of GOOD clip on mics.
-silly works on audio but not too well on video. I don't think Flo has really found her "voice."
-Nick is WAAAYY over the top on video. It's not working for me, but with time, I'm sure he'll mellow.
The audio stingers/bumpers are TERRIBLE and don't match the show theme. Have Roll on Red make you some nice bumpers.
-I'll really miss the audio podcast as my best time to listen is in my car on long commute to work.
-Did I mention the bumpers suck???

Anyway, keep trying...We all want you to succeed!!



The music that's played during the titles like "Win Stuff" is the same music that my school plays right before we all stand up to say the Pledge of Allegiance. RANDOM



I'm not sure if I like this video player more than youtube's.



Wow, I to feel like a Gorilla and flash the Joby Gorrillatorch Switchback throughout my yard late at night searching for critters!



Comment on the show: I think it's great so far but I noticed that this week's lighting wasn't as bright as last week's. Also, it seemed kind of yellow. This might be some kind of 'feel' or 'ambience' you guys are going for but I prefer the brighter, white light. Keep up the great work on the show.

Also, ME WANT JOBY GORILLATORCH SWITCHBACK! It would be perfect for camping trips.






Things that make me go Hmmmmm.



please give me the light thingy with the head thingy and the legs thingy



Awesome Possum!


Mike James

Nice work! Gets better each time.



"Whatever the heck you want."


Emmett The Crab

Cool beans man! Will the new video show replace the old podcast in the podcast feed?



what's the prize again?



I want to Switch Gorilla Torches on my Back

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