The Mac|Life Show: OS X Lion and Facebook



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I have been kind of missing the "old" longer format MacLife Show, there was much more joking around - I enjoyed being able to grab a sense of your personalities... and now with a small return of the "joking around" portion of the show... I'm really diggin' it! So, thanks and keep it up.



i 2nd that!



Your wrong about updating!!! you can update and lose NO work at all. the reason behind this is LION is an ON-TOP install. source: my copy of developer preview.

as for FaceBook: why team-up with what the public considers a failing company? Skyp+Microsoft+Facebook=FAIL


Roberto Baldwin

I wasn't saying you would lose your work because of a clean install. I was warning people that updating during a project is never a good idea. If the application you're using doesn't play well with Lion, you could run into real problems.

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