The Mac|Life Show: A Waterproof iPhone



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Yayy! This episode was exciting! I wonder what wouldve happened if a little water seeped in, and the crew rushed to a Genius Bar. The pros in trouble!



So I was wondering if you had any recommendations after you did your test of the cases. I am seriously considering the Lifeproof case as I am gravity challenged, legally blind, I drop things all the time, I like to kayak in gentle rivers and mellow lakes and want video and pictures. All those considered, i want to use my awesome iPhone 4 and soon iPhone 4s but I don't have a Genius bar closer that 500 miles away as I life in Montana. Great place to live but we are Apple Store challenged you could say. Do you have any of your cool ratings and or a pro and con listing for that case? Please share anything and everything you have in that area as I am planning a float trip soon before the snow flies up here in the great Big Sky Country... many thanks.. Pete McKinley



Much Better! I really like the format - although as others have posted, having it longer, or more often, would be great.

Keep up the awesome work!!



Definitely a lot better :).

I'll still miss the maclife podcast though. A 3 minute video isn't, and never will be, the same as a 40 minute podcast.



I'm going to miss the mac|life show!!! how about app reviews with videos, thats the only thing that makes more sense then news



yo I cant post a link to a better case, wtf!

Life proof cases are the worst in the world!



I just learned of a new compact waterproof iPhone case. A friend sent me a link. You can easily find it by going to kickstarter and looking up waterproof iphone. It is really cool, I can't wait to get my glow in the dark special edition version. Going to be perfect for my snow boarding trip this winter!



What's the name of the case? I can look it up.


Jolinda Adams

My friend send me the link. It's called the EscapeCapsule and it looks pretty awesome and seems to do a lot more than other cases. I've been looking at reviews for a few waterproof cases so that I can take my iPhone kayaking but all the cases I've seen look so ugly so this one really stands out. Can you do a review of it and let us know how it compares? Thanks!

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