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It is true that batterygeek has similar products to HyperMac. That is because the parent of HyperMac is the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) for batterygeek.

Appearance-wise, they look similar but that is where the similarities end. HyperMac products cost a little more because we use higher (military) grade components and battery cells, which are more reliable than the usual consumer grade products. The IC solution used in HyperMac is also developed only recently in 2009/2010 as opposed to batterygeek's solution which are over 3 years old. Case in point, our HyperMac External MacBook Batteries can detect which MacBook it is currently connected to and automatically adjust its charging voltage. It can automatically switch from 14.5V for MacBook Air to 16.5V for MacBook and 16.5~18.5V for MacBook Pro. This is a patented technology and HyperMac remains the only external battery in the world that can accurately work and provide the right amount of charging power to every single MacBook model, automatically. If you look at batterygeek solution, you have to manually select the charging voltage. Only 2 voltage values (16V and 18V) will work with MacBooks and they are not even the accurate voltages that the MacBooks use.

While there are great feature/specification differences between HyperMac and batterygeek, we agree that the similarities in appearances can be misleading for some users, as such we will, with immediate effect cease supplying HyperMac-like products to batterygeek.


drgadgetman has had these batteries for eons, though only in black, for a lot less. Their 7200mAH battery, for example, is $80 and their 3600mAH battery is $60. Same size, same case shape, probably the same battery, though it's hard to tell since the HyperMac site is more interested in displaying their models holding the batteries, as opposed to showing the batteries themselves. HyperMac also claims to have the world's only external battery which works with all MacBooks and iPhones which is obviously not the truth.

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