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I'm just wondering what the point of watching this video is, assuming you read the daily articles. It seems that you just repeat the article headline/tagline with another sentence of humor or musings. I get that some people would like a weekly consolidation, but at the same time I'm assuming most people use the RSS for this site and therefore already have seen each of these and read anything that interested them. Not trying to be negative, just trying to see how the video adds anything.



9-9-09 is also the conspiracy theory date of Diablo 3: . Also, in the background I saw some old Macs. Or are they Apples (as the old Apple computers were called)? And if Diablo 3 is coming out on 9-9-09, iTunes 9 is coming out on 9-9-09, Beatles rock band is coming out on 9-9-09, then the iPAD (I believe that was the agreed name) must have a 9" touchscreen and ALSO be released then! Analyst LeftClicker of the Galactic Empires' Association.



why don't you all have an iPhone app so i can follow your site and read your articles without using safari (which takes forever to load all of the advertisements). you could even use push so that when you have a new article i get an update! :] that would be awesome.

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