Video: Watch an iPhone 4 Handle a Beating from a Hammer



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I have to say I was impressed. If anybody waved a blunt instrument of any kind at my iDevice (or my M&M's) .... I'd run the other way!! Impact Gel or not!!



Some people wouldn't be impressed with a body armor video, either. But if you were shot while wearing a vest, you would be happy you had it on. Same with a protective iPhone case, or insurance. You'd be glad you have it if you dropped it...



I'm not impressed. If I had hit that iphone with the same strength and with the wooden side, without protection I WOULD NOT HAVE BROKEN IT. That looks like the same crap dr scholls puts in his "gellin'" pads. The iphone used was wearing a protective cover. By coincidence, the hammer's edges have the cover covered, if you get my drift. If anybody can legitimately dispute me, I'm willing to pay money.



Why won't they use the part of the hammer that you actually are supposed to hit with?? Hmmmm...



I was wondering that too. Made me want to look up impact gel on youtube and see if anyone hits it directly.



I'd like to see them put an iPad in their case and drop test it. Impact gel is so great! I'm glad people are finally using it for more than shoe insoles.

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