Vodafone Slaps T-Mobile with Restraining Order in Germany

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Vodafone Slaps T-Mobile with Restraining Order in Germany

Vodafone isn't opposed to T-Mobile's exclusivity contract with Apple, but wants sales practices examined. The order doesn't aim to stop complete sales of the iPhone in Germany.


Vodafone takes issue with the mandatory long-term contract offered by T-Mobile and Apple for the iPhone.


Head of Vodafone's German unit, Friedrich Joussen stated, "We want it to be available to buyers without a mandatory calling plan," he said. "If I had wanted to halt sales, I could have, but I didn't." He expects a ruling within two weeks.


Vodafone owns 45% of Verizon Wireless which lost the iPhone contract here in the United States.


Sour Grapes?



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Yeah, choice IS good. You have the choice to either buy it or not. If you don't want a long term plan buy a different phone.



this was designed to get apple to notice what people really want.....



However if they get there way and its a win, win for everybody. Choice is good!



I hope this shows apple just how many more phones will get baught when more than one cell provider can sell the iphone on their network.

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