Watch Segway Polo Online! (Plus some Mac Expo Rumors and Other News)

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Watch Segway Polo Online! (Plus some Mac Expo Rumors and Other News)


Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! While it's true that the greatest football team of all time, the Green Bay Packers, are playing at the exact same time, we know what you'll be watching this Sunday at 1pm Eastern. That's right, the Internet simulcast of the Oakland-San Jose Segway Polo match, featuring the inspiring play of San Jose team captain Steve Wozniak, whom many consider the Brett Favre of his chosen sport. Here's a YouTube preview of Woz in action. Beware: one viewing will transform you into a Segway Polo fanatic for life.


Mac Expo Rumors: A Goldman Sachs analyst, based on meetings with his contacts in Asia, predicts that we'll see two iPhone revisions in 2008 (increased storage and 3G) as well as an improved Apple TV. The same contacts thought the much-rumored subcompact notebook launch may be delayed, "citing possible design issues." And David Sieger's unnamed source claims the 3G iPhone will be out in June 2008, with a sneak peek at the Mac Expo. And Mobile Mag has printed an unsourced claim that we'll see not one but three new ultraslim Apple notebook models at the Expo. (Yes, those rumors contradict each other.)


Multi-touch: Not just for the iPhone anymore? John Gruber first noticed this Apple Inc. job posting for an engineer "responsible for delivering the firmware and software for Apple's input devices, such as Multi-touch for iPhone, cameras, and remote controls." Hmmm, a camera? A remote control? (See Mac|Life May/07 for our version of the iMote.) Sounds good to us.


Lights, iPhone, Action! The iPhone can record video with a beta app from Monster and Friends. It's still pretty rudimentary (10 seconds at 10fps), but such a promising idea that we had to tell you.


XM on your iPod: XM Radio has started offering podcasts of selected content from the previous day's broadcasts. No Bob Dylan's Theme Time Radio Hour, but lots of good stuff. And it's free, of course. Find 'em on iTunes here.



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Susie Ochs

Actually, i am from Wisconsin. Born in Green Bay and raised in the frozen north. And i will love the Packers forever.



the green bay packers are the greatest team of all time!! I'm happy to hear people not living/from wisconsin agree!!

~a devout packer fan & mac user~


Michael Dunlop

The sweetest thing about the iPhone video app is that it shoots at well over 720p resolution and close to 1080!!! just get that frame-rate up and it would be pretty sweet.



Maybe the 'subcompact notebook' will be a whole new line of MacBook Pros? It's seems high time that the line get a complete redesign; it's been the same case since the G4 processors. I'm running the very last model 15" PowerBook, and will till it dies, but if I had to buy a laptop right now I would go with a MacBook 'cause in my opinion the design is superior. The hard drive in the Pro line should be user replaceable and although I'm sure it won't happen Apple needs to ditch the aluminum case, or at least make the palm rests out of something that wont get pitted from sweat.

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