We Have an iPhone!

We Have an iPhone!

Leslie, our Editor in Chief, strolled over to my desk. "Hey Roman," she says, "We got an iPhone!" I start to shake, my eyes widen, my heart goes a-flutter. She hands me an iPhone, and as you can see, I'm so stoked I can barely contain myself.


It's an iPhone! Whoo-hoo!


Then Leslie starts laughing. I take a closer look, and the "iPhone" is just a cardboard cutout for Case-mate's Signature Leather Case for iPhone ($35). The case covers the sides and rear of the iPhone; the face is left open. It also has a belt clip.


Actually, it's a Signature Leather Case for iPhone from Case-mate.


Now, the case is nice and all, but that cardboard iPhone cutout is what caught my eye, especially with the iPhone hype reaching a fevered pitch. Think of the riots I could start.


I could head to Union Square with the cardboard iPhone latched to my belt, and count how many stares I get, and how long it takes before I'm mugged for my "iPhone."


Or l can jump aboard Caltrain, pretend to use my "iPhone," and see if iPhone-spotted-in -public photos of me end up in the blogosphere.


As for the Signature Leather Case, it's a nicely put-together case. It has openings for the dock, side controls, and the top. Case-mate also has a Leather Flip Case for iPhone (price to be determined) that covers the iPhone face.


Is Friday here yet?




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I can hear the upset eBayers as I type.



Can you buy just the cardboard cutout? :^)



Nice one! You caght my eye, that';s for sure. Good humor - glad to see the old macaddict spirit is still around a bit in the maclife staff.



This really did strike me as funny as I just heard the podcast about how Roman needs to get a new phone XD

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