Web Exclusive: 10 (More) Ways Your Mac Can Improve Your Life

Web Exclusive: 10 (More) Ways Your Mac Can Improve Your Life

8:30 p.m. - One Enchanted Evening


Watch a movie on the big screen. At night, a projector is the perfect companion to the Apple TV ($299), which streams iTunes content over a wireless home network. Bright and powerful, the Sony VPL-VW50 is meant for those with big Hollywood aspirations and a budget to match. Still, it's got a 120Hz refresh rate and full 1080p resolution, so you get what you pay for. Of course, you may want to skip the Apple TV and play a DVD from your Mac attached to the Sony projector since the iTunes Store didn't sell high-res, high-def movies at press time.


> VPL-VW50 - $4,999.99


Bring the big screen right into your living room with an HD projector such as the Sony VPL-VW50.


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9:30 p.m. - A Post-Prandial Stroll


Map a route for your after-dinner walk. If you already own a Garmin GPS device such as the Forerunner or the Edge, be sure to download the Garmin Training Center app. The free software lets you see where you've been and map out where you want to go using simple route planning. It works great for long hikes, bike rides, or casual strolls around your 'hood.


> Garmin Training Center - freeware


Change up your usual walking or running route.


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11 p.m. - Lights Out (Almost)


Find stars for telescope viewing.
This widget is so popular that, at press time, it was only available for download at certain hours of the day when Web traffic was light (such as early morning). Once you've installed it, type in your city's name to find constellations. Then, point your telescope as directed by the widget.


> Starry Night Widget - freeware


Select your location and the direction you want to look for telescope viewing.






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