Webapps Keep the iPhone Busy

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Webapps Keep the iPhone Busy

Now that Apple has released the iPhone 1.1.3 firmware that allows users to automatically find their location in Google Maps and customize their home screens, it’s just a matter of waiting a few short weeks for all those third-party apps to start pouring in. But in the meantime, there might be a couple Web-based gems that you might have missed:



That’s right, iPhone has its own RPG. The fun folks at Jirbo, “the world’s most popular mobile entertainment hub” that brought us JirboMatch, iMahjong and iTetris, have created a Web-based, mobile version of Miist, with the simple objective of exiting the room you’re placed in. It’s remarkably rudimentary at the moment, but Jirbo promises to release more levels “soon,” and until a full-featured app is written, Jirbo.com will hold a special place on my home screen.



One of the best sites for streaming music is also iPhone-compatible, with millions of tracks right at your fingertips. You might not be able to find the latest top songs at the iTunes Music Store, but SeeqPod, which uses “some pretty sophisticated technology … (to) mine the deepest crevices and corners of the Web for media that is publicly available, yet not always easy to find,” offers a slew of songs, artists and playlists that can be played with little or no latency issues right on your phone. And it works just as well over Edge as it does on Wi-Fi, unlike the iTunes Store.



Even if you have no interest in the upcoming 20th Century Fox flick, the iPhone Web site for “Jumper” is pretty cool. Along with the obligatory synopsis, trailer and movie-related downloads, the site contains “the first ever graphic novel released on an iPhone for a motion picture.” Plus, the site plays off the film’s Quantum Leapish plotline by randomly transporting you to other iPhone sites at the push of a button.





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thank you ar..is niceFr
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Play games

I've used SeeqPod for a while, and I love it. However, I now like Songza.com better, because it has a cleaner interface and lets you rank how good of a recording it gives you so next time it displays the best first.
However, it doesn't seem to be working right with my FF3b5 lately, so I'm forced to revert back to SeeqPod until my problem goes away.



If they were imitating Miist, shouldn't it be Gooal?


Mike Simon

Yea --- that's a missprint. It should be goal.
And as goals go, it's not a very difficult one.



Any chance they typed "gool" to imitate the title "Miist"? I doubt that such a simple word would have been misspelled in such a prominent place without notice, if it were accidental.



That screenshot for Mist is "The gool is to exit the room." Is that is misspelling or do I not get something?

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