What should I do with a retired Mac?

What should I do with a retired Mac?

No, Alex won't hack your broken PowerBook - doing the mod yourself is the fun part.


Don’t put your retired Mac out to pasture - or worse, sell it on eBay. Give it new life elsewhere in the house: in the kitchen serving recipes, in the garage scavenging on Google for parts, or in the panic room controlling the home-security system. The possibilities are endless. Better yet, follow Alex’s example and mod it into something cool, then put it back into service.


To really make your Mac your own, check out the dark art of modding. We’re not talking about buying an old Vespa and adding a dozen rear-view mirrors. We’re talking about Mac modding—case modifying, hacking, the holy grail of computer personalization. We caught up with Alex Tsatsoulis, whose TiMac - a Titanium PowerBook G4 hacked into an iMac G5-looking enclosure - took the prize for most creative mod in MacMod.com’s annual Mac Mod Challenge.


Advice from Alex, the master modder: Research, take risks, and think different.


Alex got into modding Macs when he saw the potential others were hacking out of their Power Mac G4 Cubes back in the late ’90s, and his pièce de résistance, so far anyway, is the TiMac - a broken PowerBook given new life in a unique and useful way. Alex’s attitude toward Macs and modding gives us hope for humanity. In his own words: “I honestly believe that modding Macs can be a form of art. You take a mass-produced machine and turn it into something that reflects your personality and specific needs. Part of the appeal of Macs has always been their looks, so altering them just builds on that tradition. Plus, we’re supposed to ‘think different,’ right?”




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