What's the best strategy to use in Black and White 2?

What's the best strategy to use in Black and White 2?

"Give me the Man in the Yellow Hat! Now!"


Feral Interactive (www.feralinteractive.com) plans to bring Black and White 2 to the Mac this spring - but we've got tips today! In this god-game sequel, common sense is your best weapon, no matter whom you align with. Taking the good path? Care for your pet and your people. On the highway to hell? Have your pet unload its bowels on the populace. Whatever road you choose, these tips will help.


- Use the hand-force skill to stop an enemy's earthquake miracle.


- If your enemy attacks with catapults, catch the rocks and keep them for yourself, or toss them back.


- Near the town where you began in the fourth land, look for a path that leads down the hill. Find the hermit in the cave, and throw him as far as you can. The further you throw him, the more tribute you'll receive.




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