What's your recommendation on virus protection? Do I even need it for my Mac?

What's your recommendation on virus protection? Do I even need it for my Mac?

When it released Mac OS X, Apple became the largest vendor of a Unix-based operating system. Unix is a highly popular operating system and is much more well known by hackers good and bad than earlier versions of the Mac OS, which were generally considered much less interesting to serious hackers, virus writers, and other digital creeps. Well, six years into the OS X journey, we've yet to see a serious virus or spyware threat, which means that if you're not using an antivirus solution, that's not as bad as, say, not backing up.


However, if you own an Intel Mac and you run (or plan to run) Windows via Apple Boot Camp, Parallels Desktop for Mac, or VMware Fusion, you should get some virus protection ASAP. Intego's Internet Security Barrier X4 Anti Spam Edition Dual Protection ($99.95) is a complete security suite that includes firewall, antivirus, and antispam features - the "Dual Protection" part of its name means it protects against viruses when you're running Windows on a Mac, too. As far as freeware protection goes, there is a program known as Climax. Since we don't regularly review security software, however, and since Climax is freeware, we haven't checked it out and can't vouch for it (or say anything against it).


More important than virus protection is to practice safe computing: Don't leave FTP or other services open, especially when you're not doing your online banking while surfing a public Wi-Fi hotspot! (Seriously, you shouldn't transmit any sensitive info online when connected to a public Wi-Fi network unless you're using a Virtual Private Network, or VPN, connection. For more, read 11 Foolproof Ways to Make Your Mac Secure.) And whatever you do, don't give your credit-card information to that Nigerian fellow who needs a couple thousand bucks to claim his daddy-the-dead-dignitary's billions.


Besides rooting out viruses and spyware, Intego's software also helps you can spam.




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The antispyware I am using for my Mac is Double Anti Spy, you can find it in online stores, that's all I need for now, my job requires it, I don't have an anti virus, not yet.


Cathy Preston

To remove spyware,there are many solutions exist, all of them with their own strengths and weaknesses.

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Alan Moore

I happily used the predecessor to X4 and found it to be great... low footprint, very pro-active. Then one day, it auto-updated to X4 and suddenly my Mac was crashing daily, and often X4 would use 100% of one processor's power, which makes a big impact in a dual-core machine.

I painstakingly removed every little file, preference etc. from the machine -- something I'd never had to do on a Mac, bringing back horrible memories of my Windows days, and contacted Intego.

They had no fix, and recommended I reinstall version 3.

Disgusted, I moved to ClamXAV, and have never looked back.



If you're running Windows on a Mac using Parallels, Parallels includes the Kaspersky Internet Security Suite for Windows free of charge. Installing it is as simple as choosing to do so in one of the Parallels menus.



The Mac finally has a virus, and it's called Microsoft Windows!

You don't really need a Mac based anti-virus solution for running Windows in a VM. Just don't share any part of the Mac with Windows. Go the other way. Create a Windows share and attach to it from the Mac side (Finder>>Go>>Connect To Server...). At least if Windows goes out of control and runs rampant with a virus/spyware it won't have access to your Mac partition.

I wouldn't open up a writable share on my Mac to any Windows system.



ClamXav works!

I've used ClamXav for a few years and it has picked out a few corrupted files from an unscrupulous file sharing site. I haven't used any other AV software and because ClamXav has picked up on some corrupt files I would have to give it a 10/10. The sentry just runs in the background and does it's thing.

As for Mac viruses: I have a theory that the viruses circulating that are Windoze based 'could' be created by Mac loving anti-Microsoft techies or created by the actual AV software techies to create a market for their products. Mind you, this is only my personal theory and there has never been any evidence to support my personal theory. Makes you think though, doesn't it?


Daniel Millar

I still say it's just a matter of time.... but I've been saying that for six years! The only shareware AV software for Mac I'm aware of is ClamXav which is a port of a Linux AV product - maybe that sounds like Climax or there is something called Climax?? ClamXav is good enough that Apple was and maybe still is shipping it with OS X Server. ClamXav is a good match for the level of threat - it costs nothing, is very unobtrusive, and combined with some common sense makes your Mac as safe as any other AV package. For a breakdown of Mac anti-virus software check out:
for a quick comparison of 5 Mac AV products, or:
for instructions on how to install ClamXav.
By the way, Intego came out first in my shootout as well!



Personal Antivirus is a rogue (fake) anti-malware application. best antivirus

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