Who's Buying a New iPhone?

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Who's Buying a New iPhone?

After all the rumors and leaks, the iPhone 3G is here. Well maybe not here, but it's been announced. On July 11, we expect huge lines for the new iPhone, but will you be in that line?


So even with 3G and GPS, is the iPhone 3G a must have device?





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I have had ATT ->Cingular ->back to ATT for over 10 years now. No issues with them whatsoever.

I can't get an iphone though because the only thing I want to be able to do anywhere is the WeightWatchers points website - but it runs on Flash.

No flash, no work...



I couldn't stand Cingular and really don't care for AT&T, but after every failed by Verizon to attempt to compete with the iPhone (i.e. Voyager, Glyde and who knows about the Blackberry Thunder) not to mention all the added fees, I don't know. I'll probably get the iPhone and try it out, for at least the 30 day trial period. I'll have to carry two phones for a month, but it's better than dropping it all into a two year commitment and not being satisfied with AT&T.
But after owning a MacBook and iMac and with the MobileME coming out, it seems like a perfect way to sync my life.

Good luck to anyone else trying it out too.



The day that the iphone works with other providers is the day I buy two iphones (one for me and one for the wife). I had AT&T a few years ago, and the customer service was terrible.I swore I would never go back. What's the use of a great phone if it's paired with a bad phone company.


Joe Martinez

I'm still pretty happy with my original iPhone. Even though I paid the premium for it, I'm happy! The new iPhone 3G is better, but I'll save my money for MacBook Pro!



I have the original iPhone. I'll be buying the new one almost completely for the 3G speed and GPS. The phone is gonna be unmatched with all of the software that is being developed for it. Plus, look how cool the thing looks!

I've been reading rumor rss feeds daily for about three months now. I think I might have gotten my hopes up by doing so. I was ready for an iSight camera on the front for video chatting, and since they use flash drives, I was hoping they'd jump to 32 and 64 GB sizes.

I'm keeping my original as an additional iPod and if anything happens to my new one.

Plus, the $300 tag for the top model is amazing. I just wonder about the future of the iPod touch and it's pricepoint.


Joe Martinez

Watch! I bet this holiday season we will see new iPod touches!! More capacity, and cheaper!!! The new price points for the iPhone 3G and current iPod touch prices, people are going to take the plunge and commit a 2 year contract to have iPod touch features and phone!!!



Would LOVE to get an iPhone. I really don't need videoconferencing and all the other features it doesn't have that people are not happy about. I just can't pick one up because it's still only exclusive to AT&T. Around here, Chicago, AT&T gives dogsh*t reception, IMHO. There seems to be no hope for T-Mobile to sell it here, even though they do in Europe. I haven't really checked out T-Mobile's available smartphones, but grudgingly now maybe I should. I can hold out with my Motorola SLVR a bit longer I suppose...hey, it does have a videocam afterall.



Not likely - Rogers has by far the worst customer satisfaction of any cell carrier in Canada - and my contract that finishes this year is one I want out of, not to renew.

Rogers' service is so bad, they've inspired a site for people to share their frustrations, http://ihaterogers.ca/ .

When phone number portability came to Canadian cell phones last March, Rogers doubled the penalty for early cancellation of contracts. This tells us that they _know_ users are strongly motivated to switch.

At this point, if I really did want an iPhone, I think I would see if I could buy it "clean" of activation somewhere in the world, and stick in a SIM chip on Canada's Fido network. Yes, they've been bought by Rogers, but (astoundingly) Rogers has left them alone to provide some of the _best_ customer satisfaction in Canada.

I can do without the visual voicemail, and even without a data contract. The apps, GPS and (other) user experience are compelling enough.

I don't care if the phone costs me double - you couldn't pay me to put up with a minute more of sneaky fees and "it's not our problem" tech support.


Imagine Engine

The ECF changed from $200.00 to $400.00 on all voice plans with Rogers, Fido and Bell back in February 2007 and only applies when a customer has changed their plan. There was nothing hidden about this which is clearly documented in their terms on the invoice as well on their website. As for the data ECF it's the same for all carriers being $100.00. Telus on the other hand still has the highest ECF for any Canadian carrier which doesn't really have a cap if you read their fine print. So if you consider $20.00 ECF per month on a 36 month term it would cost $720.00 ECF to cancel with Telus.

As for buying the device at full retail pricing I believe this has been stopped by Apple and they are only allowing the device subsidized based on activating on a term. So Rogers who is getting the iPhone will most likely have a set iPhone all in one voice and data plan similar to what is offered for the Blackberry line. The ECF would then be $500.00 on a 36 month term. Only time will tell what actual pricing on the hardware and what plans will be offered.

As for customer service I've been with all three major wireless carriers and still find Rogers customer service the best as well as for network coverage. Every carrier needs improvement at some level and at least Rogers offers a wider selection of hardware including HSPA unlike the competitors.



I'm getting one. Selling the old one to the roommate for $100 and getting the new one :) I wanted GPS more than anything.



I am just angry because I refuse to get AT&T and NEEEEED Verizon. Now that Verizon owns Alltel and is the largest cell phone carrier in the US, I think that the iPhone needs a CDMA version (that's unlocked). Oh, and WHERE is the cut and paste and video capture and MMS?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!


Chris Thomson

I'm not completely sure whether I'm going to be getting one or not. It really depends on how much Rogers plans to charge us Canadians...



I was with Cingular for years until they were hijacked by AT&T. I have never liked AT&T and never will. Open the iPhone to all carriers and I'll think about it.


S. Jobs

...2012. You have plenty of time to think about it.

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