Wi-Fi Hot Spots Included in iPhone Package

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Wi-Fi Hot Spots Included in iPhone Package


Last week AT&T turned on free iPhone Wi-Fi access at Starbucks, Barnes & Noble and other hotspots. Then, just as quietly as they were turned, they were turned off.


Now AT&T has AT&T Wi-Fi hotspot access as an included feature for iPhone mobile plans.


If anyone is at an AT&T Wi-Fi hotspot? See if free access has returned and tell us in the comments.


Via MacRumors



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Johnny from NYC

I tried to connect to AT&T Wifi with my iPhone this morning at a Starbucks in Queens, NYC but to no avail it was not enabled. This was at one of the 2 Starbucks on Steinway Street in Astoria. It only took 45 minutes for the customer service and Tech Support reps to tell me it was a no go! Maybe they were relying on the EDGE network to get their info?

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