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I am getting ready to get a new cpu and am looking at mac. I will use it for my website design htp://4realfitnessonline.com Get real with Insanity, Turbo Fire and Body Gospel



I have an ipod. That is the only apple product I own, but I love it. I listen to it when I do P90X and TurboFire. Check out my blog at www.4realfitnessonline.com.



I love Mac. They are the best ever. Not only their slick designed but their entire philosophy!

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Im obsessed with Mac's and have almost every model, I just found this site and cant wait to be more involved.San Diego criminal attorney



Yea!! I love it too!! Lets share with everyone!

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My Magic Mouse that I ordered that isn't even in my hands yet cause it's been on backorder for two weeks but I'm sure I won't know how I got along without it once it is in my hands. Thanks, Apple for making sure supply met demand. :P

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Mac has done great inovations in the past decades. Hope it continues the great work.

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Nice article. I think the author has done a great job. Thumbs up

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1. Has to be the macbook pro uni-body ( i have a 15 inch) the way this machine runs is phenomenal, great for editing my movie in my studio or on set.2. If it can not be a mac product then it has to the be canon 5d.. I am currently using this camera to make a low budget movie, and the portability, and ease of use with this camera is amazing.. no more loading film, no more bulky cameras on set.. just 1 of these bad boys and a 64 gig CF card and I and my director are set for a 18 hour day of filming ;)3. The magic mouse.. although I do not currently have one.. this is the first thing I asked for when christmas list time came around with grandma... The ability to not have to worry about the little ball on the mighty mouse, the way it contours itself to your hand, gives me goosepimples all over.there you have my 3 picks Taylor Hutchins1700 s. lafayette st. shelby, nc 28152828-310-5596Twitter: taylorhutchins



No. 1: Gotta be iPhone 3GS. With two in college and a wife who's a teacher. Speed, ease of use, apps, and seamless connectivity to our Macs is priceless.

 No. 2: Like most professionals today, I’m more mobile at 50, but I don’t want to look like tourist. Style is still important, or so my daughters tell me. Booq’s Python Blur is the ideal bag for taking my Mac, camera and video/audio gear on the road. It's a little pricey, but well worth the investment when you consider what your carrying.

 No. 3: Mac|Life magazine and an RSS at www.maclife.com. Da! Is it hardware or software? I don’t really know - but my mailman will surely tell you its hardware.



My new 27" iMac rocks (even though I had to send the first one back due to a chipped screen, and that my current one is starting to flicker,... but hey, that's what AppleCare is for, right?)

#1. Mandatory accessory is a NewerTech FireWire800 to 400 Port Adapter from OWC ('cuz how the heck am I gonna transfer all that data from my iMac G5 anyway?) This little wonder gadget really saves the day when none of your old cables fit!

2. WD 1.5TB harddrive (1TB for backups / .5 for the extra stuff - there's ALWAYS extra stuff)

3. A simulated-chrome Transformers Autobot emblem (google it). Ok, it's not necessarily Mac-related... but it SHOULD BE! (Note: Decepticon badges are available for use on PCs, Androids, and anything else un-Macworthy)




1) The new 27" iMac with it's incredible monitor resolution and relatively low entry price tag is definitely an '09 stand-out for me.

2) The Logitech Performance Mouse MX is super comfortable, customizable, and it tracks on every surface known to man.

3) The new Mac Mini is an excellent media center stand-alone. The 5 usb ports make for some excellent expandability, and the small footprint can fit in just about any cabinet.



I thought this would be tough to narrow down, but three items came to mind almost immediately:

1. Magic Mouse - It took a while for it to ship, but once I started using it, I realized the new Apple Magic Mouse was so worth the wait! It took virtually know time to adapt to, and now it's sort of like using my MacBook Pro when I'm on my iMac. Great experience!

2. Mophie Juice Pack Air - I was looking for a new case for my iPhone--which I use quite a lot...as a phone, as a substitute computer, and as an iPod. I'd been thinking about some sort of charger for some time, and the Mophie Juice Pack Air hasn't disappointed. If my battery is getting low from use throughout the day and I still have some gym-time ahead of me, I just turn on the Juice Pack Air, and I have plenty of power to see me through my workout--and then some. And, hey, it protects my iPhone as well as any case I've had without messing with the weight or the profile much at all.

3. WD My Book Studio 1 TB External Hard Drive - I have two of these connected to my iMac: one is my Time Machine backup drive, and the other holds my iTunes library and several odds and ends. They have been nothing but reliable, and they give me a lot of peace of mind.



I'll post mine here, though I don't have a Macbook to use the charger with and have no other need for it.

1. Mac Mini (2.1), I have this baby hooked up to a nice 32" 1080p TV/Monitor and a set of 5.1's via optical and have all but replaced my cable with it. I use Front Row on it to view most all of my media, using the FrontTV plug-in, I bring up EyeTV to view cable, then back to Front Row to use Frulu to bring up, (of course,) Hulu, and it also doubles as my Stereo by playing streaming radio stations and other music I have in my iTunes. Plus side is I also use it as a media server for all my other devices.

2. Airport Extreme, without this I couldn't hook up my 4 HDD's I have for housing all my media on. I use a notebook 4-way USB bus powered hub to hook all these drives into it and am able to stream my media to all my computers in the house from it, plus the XBOX-360. (Though a lot of the video doesn't play on it, now if only Apple made a gaming rig...)

3. My third one is a toss up between my invaluable "Trey Chair" and my also invaluable Canon FS-11, both of which are invaluable to me, I use the Trey chair anytime I'm sitting and the great thing is it's also a gaming chair that I can take apart and sit in while I'm gaming on the 360. The Canon FS-11 is a decent camera for taking widescreen SD videos of family, friends, and trips that we take, that load directly up in iMovie for conversion into h.264 videos that can be posted on the MobileMe account, Dropped into iTunes, Emailed, or YouTubed and shared. Though I'm not a professional photographer, I always like to take it with me to "capture the moment". Though I am looking to upgrade my FS-11 in the next year to a better HD camera, possibly the HF-S11 or the Sanyo VPC-FH1 for it's iFrame capabilities.



1) My Magic Mouse that I ordered that isn't even in my hands yet cause it's been on backorder for two weeks but I'm sure I won't know how I got along without it once it is in my hands. Thanks, Apple for making sure supply met demand. :P

2) My iPod Touch that this very post is being typed on. I go nowhere without my iPod Touch. Nowhere.

3) It's not from 2009, but my 2007 Macbook has a bad trackpad, a screen flicker/dimming issue and recently the 80gig factory harddrive bricked itself somehow. It has had more problems than any Windows machine I've ever had. Does it make me clinically insane that I still love it more than any Windows machine I've ever had?!



1. Incase 15" Macbook Pro unibody case, can't go without protection my 15" Macbook Pro unibody, got to keep nice and sexy with full protection.

2. Logitech VX Nano Revolution mouse, got to have the mouse to use w/my Macbook Pro, I'm doing a lot of Photoshop editing and video editing so the track-pad will not be efficient, the mouse is awesome and can't travel without it, it's like traveling without my right hand when I don't have it.

3. Nikon D90, I'm a photographer and having this baby in my bag is a must because you just never know, a perfect shot could happen at anytime or any place.



1. WD My Book Studio 1TB External  This holds everything.  Every Time Machine back up, every little bit of footage I've ever edited, everything.  Nothing else even comes close to being my favorite possession because this saved my life when the hard drive in my Macbook died :) 2. AppleSac Colcasac Laptop Case  There's nothing like seeing people's faces when you pull a burlap sac out of your bag, and then reveal that it encases your lovely Macbook.  3. Bamboo Craft Tablet  What's not to love?! I get to do anything I want with my tablet (and even turn my own handwriting into a font).  What's cooler than that?! 

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