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no need to go futuristic! i think i'am going to reinvent the 'iRon' with a click wheel and propose for a new box office hit, the 'iRon' Man.



Here's mine:

Apple releases a new iApple device.

Shaped like an oversized Apple, in the colors of an actual Apple, (Red, Green, Yellow, etc).
The device will house a full 3.5" 512GB x 2 SDD with Mac OS on the first drive and the second being set up to automatically use Time Machine. It will also have a removable graphics card and use desktop memory with 2-4GB of DDR3 memory installed. It has a DVD SuperDrive with 16x DVD-R Write Speeds, MMC/SD Card reader/writer built-in. Bluetooth, Wi-Fi (n), Gigabit LAN, ExpressCard, 3G Wireless/WiMax/LTE connectivity, 5 USB and 2 Firewire 800, Mini-Graphics Port, Mini-DVI, HDMI, Digital Audio In/Out and Analog Out, Component/Composite In/Out, and runs on an AMD processor.

It comes apart to access everything inside it, with a simple pop off interface to access the internals.
Comes with color matching full size wireless keyboard and wireless Mighty Mouse, with an option for a wired mouse.

The "Stem" of the device "projects" the "Desktop" into the air and/or can be turned off if using a secondary monitor and can be resized to accommodate any size monitor needed, (from 20" to 30"), via holographic imaging. Can also do "Touch" interfacing via the holographic images.

The device can be configured to use in a number of ways, Gaming, Media, Computer, or Server. Can replace a TV and Cable/Satellite box due to including a built-in QAM tuner that does on the fly decryption of the channels via CableCardII.

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