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I am a veterinarian and would like to build an app that could serve as a pet owners handbook for appropriate care and common at home remedies for their furry, scaly or feathery friends.



An app that allows you to remotely control a small device, ideally hidden discreetly somewhere in your home, that fires tiny pellets at people's heads when they aren't looking.



I actually have an idea that will make the iPad and other tablets indispensable in K-12 classrooms. Never mind ebook reader, think simpler.



I've had an idea for some time; it would be an all encompassed education app that would tie into a website. Using the mobile app students would be able to keep track of assignments, calenders, grades etc. And yes there are plenty of apps that do all of these things; but the problem is their all fragmented and not collusive. It's ambitious yes, but could have a significant impact on the future of education in this country.



I would like to build a video game application called Stoopidpolitiks! You learn about politics through totally irrelevant games and storylines that connect the two.



- I want to develop an app for the ipad2 that would look and operate just like the Vintage Diner Juke Box Players that sat at the end of the booths.
-This would be a great app for Parties or large groups; your guests could walk over to your ipad2 and select their next few of songs on the "ijukebox app" just like an authentic Juke Box Player.
-The app would look professional just like "iDJ app" but a real juke box.
-The ijukebox app would perform much differently from itunes' dj.



As evidenced by the highly-popular TV show, The Sing-Off, a cappella groups across the country are taking the stage. In Sacramento, California, the vocal group Totally Tapioca has come to rely heavily on iOS technology for effective vocal rehearsals. From getting accurate starting notes and tempos on the iPhone to immediately sharing newly-written song lyrics via DropBox on the iPad, Apple products and iOS software have become central to our singing group's productivity. My app will integrate all of the above features - and add many more - to help other aspiring musical groups reach their artistic goals.



I would like to make an app similar to my all time favorite Mac game Greebles. Mahalo for the chance to win.



Stand in front of your prospective new/existing house target-purchase, snap a picture and within moments get a complete portfolio of the dwelling, neighborhood, schools, government, market, and financing, with ratings.

But, one better - with your own buyer/seller profile already input, forecast the entire cycle of ownership (e.g., acquisition-disposition) from purchase, to rehab/renov, to maintenance and operating costs, to refinance, and ultimately resale, all in present value terms. And compare the prospective returns before and after tax (i.e., ROI) among alternative choices. [2011 © Rossi - Just in Case.]

I know, you think it already exists. But, the markets are not widely disintermediated to any useful degree. I'm already started on a 22 county market in NE Ohio.

Buyers and sellers can't cost-effectively or otherwise economically individually bypass the middlemen (or women) in order to buy or sell directly and thereby lower offering prices (seller) or pay less (buyer).



I know this is kind of out there, but an app that would take a picture of sheet music, and play it (In different voices of course) and play it for you on your iPhone would be awesome. It would use dynamics. Also, it could play the music tempo based on what it says on the sheet music, or what the user inputs. I'll probably have to go with something less difficult first though...



I would like to make an app that will finally allow for an "item" to be entered and synced to mac's quickbooks because the "other" accounting company requires a TON of extra steps to print a bill compared to quickbooks! I would also love to make an app that is in essence a social network that people can upload a "so a funny thing just happened to me..." complete with picture/video upload. Oh, and another app for a game that is every minority working together to over throw the evil groups that are bigoted! :) or even one that lets you drive other cars off the road called road rage...upset someone cut you off...well press a button and ram 'em off the road!!!!



I would make iPhone app that would be like a mobile version of iWork, only better what is available now. And I would also like to make a awesome iPhone game, but not sure what it would be about yet. I wish I could figure out Xcode.....



I would like to build a wave machine application on the iOS platform. It's kind of like a lava lamp but a little different. When I went to my local flea market as a kid, I would see this wave machine, which is a rectangular shaped clear lucite box filled with a blue liquid to represent water. And each end of the box would go up and down in a seesaw kind of motion, resulting in waves being generated and sloshing from side to side. I think this would be a great relaxation app to run on an iPhone, an iPod Touch, or even an iPad. It's not a game but just a relaxation application.



There are 2 apps I would like to create:
1- For homeowners and landscapers, be able to take a picture of a weed/plant that's in their yard and be linked to the type of chemical used to get rid of the specific weed, and told the name of the weed that it is. Possibly be linked also to where to buy the chemical in the area. However if it is a plant, tell how to take care of it.

2- For lawn and garden store owners/mechanics, parts look-up programs on mobile devices


Arlen Nagata

I'm developing several apps for churches and would like to integrate more features like Bible, podcast, & facebook integration.



I work both as a graphic artist (Day Job) and a part time iPhone Developer (Flight Deck in itunes) for myself and I would love you be able to know more about both. I know just enough to be dangerous, and my programming skills could really use some fine tuning. I love to play and design games and would really like to do a fast paced line drawing game or puzzle game with levels that randomly generate as the player progresses. I think a course designed to teach individuals from the ground up would allow me to learn things I missed trying to learn it on my own.



I'd like to building a marble parental app for playing time on the iPhone or iPad. My daughter earns her play time on these units and its difficult to keep track of marble counts if you're away from the marble jar!



RealTutor, an app that communicates with real tutors to assist students from grade 1 through grad school to get help on assignments and projects. All paid for with in app ads!



I'm want create a universal application that helps families with special needs, "handicap". If it's because of a child, parent, sibling or themselves anyone should have the ability to find a ADA accessible restroom. A restaurant that that has an open floor plan for easy maneuvering of wheelchairs or walkers. Activities in their area that are accessible or work with special needs. And of course this app would be user populated and would grow with use so all the information is first hand from someone who knows what it's like.

"A disability should not mean exclusion"



I would create a location based "easter egg" app for Walt Disney World notifying the user of little known details throughout the parks.



I would like to develop an app for our library system. This would allow access to our collection as well as our uploaded multimedia files via QR codes (book trailers, podcasts, website links, etc.).



I would like to create an app for iPad to help students study for LSAT and GRE testing.



There's an app that I would like to build to send data to a custom made database back on the iMac or PC at home for certain photographers to store model releases and ID's, but I don't have the "know-how" to developing for iphones or ipads.
There's still no such tool for photographers that cover that particular need, and would like to know how to build it.



I would like to develop custom apps that could be used at my place of work.



I would like to develop a Coffee Shop game app, a player would have an Espresso machine in front of them and would have to satisfy orders. This would differ from a regular cooking game in that the Espresso machine would function in the same way that a real Espresso machine would actually function, as well as measurement for each beverage.


Paul K

I would like to develop an app to help autistic individuals interact with others.



iPubCrawl - uses GPS to locate you and your group. Shake your iPhone to randomly select a nearby establishment (based on a database). Go to that place of business, shake your iPhone to generate a random beverage. Order said beverage and consume in a responsible manner. (Chug! Chug!) Rate establishment. Move on to the next one! (May not be of great use in small towns with only a VFW.) (Please drink responsibly.)



I would just like to know how to develop an app.



The idea that I would like to build an app for iPad is so called "Children Dictionary + Vocabulary + idioms" where I can make it so intuitively enough for all children to understand and learn it easily at the same time and the most important thing I would do is to offer it "Free" to all and if any donated funds available, I would love to use it to buy all iPad's to all under privileged children.
"Our children are the future of our nation." What little I can do, I will!



I will love to develope mobile apps in the productivity sector. I have a couple of ideas for some apps that mibile professional aln journalist will love. I also have a nice idea for a proffesional photographers app.



I would create an app for my church. We wanted to do one for the church but the cost to hire out is so expensive. I'd love to be able to give back to my church for all they've done for me and my family!



I would create some civil engineering and structural analysis apps to start!



I would like to create an app that would allow anyone to catalog their entire video game library. The end goal would be to have an app that would allow you to search and enter the details by hand.

On the flip side of that, it would be nice to actually just scan the game box and have the data auto populate. The app itself would tie into a website data base where you would login and view your collections.

Just a fun idea that i had a while ago.




My wife teaches 3rd grade with a focus on English-language learners. I would be interested in creating an app that can help bring the interactivity of the iPad into this.

I'd also like to develop an unofficial encyclopedia app for one of the action figure lines I collect.

In addition, I have an idea or two swirling in my head for some story-based games, and maybe an interactive picture book or two.



I would love to learn more... I am writing apps but self taught... not a programmer by trade... want to see if there are better ways to do stuff!!! pick me!



I would make an ultimate hi-def FPS/RPG like Infinity Balde but better (universal, of course), for just $0.99. It would have a war theme like Brothers In Arms. I know only a bit of Python, and nothing about Objective C, Cocoa, C#, C++ or anything else. Pleeeez pick me!!!!



I would like to write a text message sharing app for the iOS.



I would LOVE to develop a to-do app that would reward the user with coupon vouchers for popular places when reaching a certain amount of completed tasks (only legitimate tasks which i would need to figure out how to funnel). Who wouldn't want to be rewarded for being productive?

Of course I would need objective-c as well as hopefully ios development courses for this



Many thanks for sharing this Abercrombie is very popular now.



As a school administrator, I have a vision of an iPad app for easier teacher record keeping. It would allow teachers to easily share with parents beautiful graphics of student progress in all developmental areas that are truly helpful (not just pretty and not just a bunch of data).

To work, it has to be SUPER EASY to input data (read: little to no typing).

I've got the idea sketches, just not the technical know-how.



I would develop a pitch tracking application for baseball and hopefully be able to expand it into a scoring app. Another idea is for a workout app.



I would build an app for a nonprofit organization to show the compassionate side of myself and a reflection that there is hope out there. Followed by an expanded application for my small business.



my hello world app would be a farting flashlight, called flatulight - copyright - trademark - i keeeel you



I want to develop a subitizing tutorial. A person with high-level proficiency in subitizing has higher mathematical capability than people with less-developed skill. Subitizing is the ability to see an array of dots or other objects and be able to instantly quantify them. You use subitizing skills when you look at a die and see three or however many dots on the top. Most people can handle around seven dots. But with practice, one can learn to see twenty or thirty or more dots accurately and instantly. I'd like to develop an app that exercises this ability using interesting images and motion, with a quiz to show progress over time. Ideally the app would be interesting to both kids and adults.



I would be interested in developing apps for use in college classes in communication studies.



I would love to make a gradebook app, that a teacher could easily keep track of her students, right on her iPad.



I would like to develop an app that uses photos that you've taken and add 'real' looking evidence of alien life.



I would like an Ipad app that can view multiple medias in a presentation setting. The viewer will be able to choose between the presentation slide, a surveillance video feed (such as a nursery) as well as connect to any links attached to the presentation.



iFarm. iRanch.
Coming soon to an App Store near you.

iFarm. Managing your farm just got easier.
A few features...
-Keep track of plots.
-Keep track of growing seasons.
-Manage crops.

iRanch. Managing your ranch just got easier.
A few features...
-Keep track of livestock inventory.
-Manage medical records.
-Calculate before buying livestock.


I know a lot of farmers and ranchers who have iPhones or iPod Touches and would find this app very helpful.



I would like to make a Golf Score and Handicap application that is OSX based, and then make an accompanying iOS application.

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