Wireless Mighty Mouse

Wireless Mighty Mouse

Saving the day? Not likely.


When Apple debuted its first multi-button-button mouse, the Mighty Mouse, we were disappointed. Almost a year later, the Bluetooth Mighty Mouse has arrived, and while we're all for the wireless goodness, the problem is that it's still a Mighty Mouse.


The wireless Mighty Mouse suffers from the same deficiencies as the wired version. It looks like a one-button mouse, but under its top front lie touch sensors that can tell if you're right- or left-clicking. We can live with that, but we still don't like the rest of the design - the squeeze buttons on the sides of the mouse are too small for large hands and don't give you enough tactile feedback; the tiny, clickable Scroll Ball has a notchy feel to it; and the overall look and feel seem to favor fashion over function.


The software still limits your button-customization options to launching an app or activating Exposé, Dashboard, or Spotlight. You can't program the buttons to execute common keystrokes or perform a double-click. And you must have Mac OS 10.4.6 or later to use it.


On the plus side, the wireless Mighty Mouse uses laser tracking; it's more precise than the wired version, which uses optical tracking. You can use the wireless Mighty Mouse with either one or two AA batteries; you'll get longer life with a pair of batteries, but some people like a lighter mouse. And if you hold the Control key and use the Scroll Ball, you can zoom in and out.


The bottom line. When you get right down to it, the wireless Mighty Mouse is still a Mighty Mouse. The laser tracking, lack of a cable, and battery flexibility can't make up for its imprudent design.


CONTACT: 408-996-1010, www.apple.com
PRICE: $69
REQUIREMENTS: Mac OS 10.4.6 or later, Bluetooth, one AA battery
Wireless goodness. Looks good. Shutter protects the laser lens when you turn off the mouse. New zoom function.
It's still a Mighty Mouse.





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after being a windows user for well over a decade( okay okay quit throwing rocks already) i have found that i actually quite prefer the one button design since i got a mac a year ago. it is not overly difficult to either long hold or ctrl click to bring up the secondary option. as for the side buttons i actually prefer them far more on the wireless mighty mouse than on the wired one as they are a lot stiffer and result in far less accidental dashboard access. as far as the wireless part goes it is brilliant with a wonderful battery life, changed my batteries for the first time after 9 months of very heavy use. overall i think it is a fantastic product



I think I disagree with the rating as well. I don't think I would call it weak. It's not awesome, but I actually like my wireless mighty mouse. It is nice to be wire free and the laser accuracy is nice. I do agree with the complaints with the sensor. Sometimes it thinks I am left clicking when I am trying to right click, but most of the time it can tell between the two.

I aslo like the little nubby scroll thingy. With a conventional wheel mouse, you can just scroll up or down, but with this, you can get 360 scrolling, sweet.


Glenn Gibson

While the Mighty Mouse isn't exactly the greatest mouse in the world, if you are a MAC user it is still a decent mouse. I didn't understand the reviewer's tactile feedback comment as mine clicks on all buttons with the exception of the side one. Yes it is the same as the one button but that doesn't bother me as long as it works. It is still $70 which isn't that bad for a wireless mouse with laser tracking and bonus I don't have to use up a USB port to use it.

The 360 scrolling feature is very useful to me. I love my Mighty Mouse I guess maybe I am satisfied with what I have.



I disagree with the verdict and lack of appreciation for the Mighty Mouse. Maybe I was lucky and the copy I bought is above average. I find it very intuitive and easy to use.
The button sensitivity and recognition between left and right sensors is excellent on my model. I've had my mouse for almost 8 months and the original battery is still reads full to capacity. I'm very pleased with the power of multibutton preformance, having replaced my single button wireless mouse for it.

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