Would it be safe to engrave the outside of my Mac?

Would it be safe to engrave the outside of my Mac?

Think you could do this yourself? We don't dare you.


Etch It

We’d never subject a MacBook Pro to the engraving tip of our Dremel moto-tool (well, never again, anyway), but we’d happily trust it to a space-age computer-controlled laser-etching machine. As fate would have it, ETCHamac has just such a machine. You supply a custom design and some cash (up to $100) for a full-cover MacBook Pro etching, and either send in your ’Book, or tack on an extra $35 to have ETCHamac send you a new cover piece engraved with your design. Besides the chance to use your own unique design, laser etching is extra cool because the design takes on a different look when it’s viewed from different angles.




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Do they do MacBook non-Pros?



Their website says that yes, you can etch an iBook/MacBook. I personally wouldn't have thought so because etching is usually used on metals.

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