Woz and D-Lister Engaged?

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Woz and D-Lister Engaged?


Nice to see Steve Wozniak using his post-post-Apple time fruitfully (sorry).


The pioneering Wozniak is now, apparently, breaking new ground on ex-execs dating D-level actresses, namely a one Ms. Kathy Griffin.


While Griffin's been more than frank about both Jesus and her desire to date a rich guy, her recent betrothal to Woz post-her split from former husband Matt Moline, warms the cockles of the nerd world's hearts. What's a cockle? We have no idea but we're glad it's warm and so congrats to Wozfin.




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Shocker Shawn

If they ever had children...wow...a perfect baby shower idea would be a gift certificate to a plastic surgeon.


Not Woz

Why you hating on the Woz? He's only the co-founder of Apple computer.

oh and he created the sweet game breakout!



I guess this is the final proof that your not a computer magazine anymore. Who should care? And Wozniak hasnt been important to the Mac for oh about a thousand years, right?

What crap.


Fake Kathy Griffin

because most Mac people have a sense of fun and enjoyment. One thing you fail to understand is that the Mac has a sense of community. Woz is part of that community. There's no tech relevance, but what's the harm in a little fun trivia such as this?

Lighten up. Geez.


Jon Phillips, you boss's boss

I just threw up in my mouth.



I, myself, an admirer of Ms. Griffin's, am highly disappointed to see her choose a genius multimillionaire over a man who drives a 22-year old minivan.

VERYYYYY disappointed.

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