Woz Hates on Apple, Starbucks Gives Away Music and Another Online Music Store Dies

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Woz Hates on Apple, Starbucks Gives Away Music and Another Online Music Store Dies


Woz wants bugs fixed: Woz had a few choice words for Apple following his keynote at the ConnectWise summit. He chided the Apple engineers for shortchanging usability and not fixing bugs. He went on to criticize the dramatic iPhone price cut, calling it, "too soon and too harsh."


It wasn't all bad though, Woz is still friends with the other Steve, "but not close friends ... like we do everything together." He then got a little nostalgic, "what could be better than starting a successful business with your friend?"


Double half-caf with music: Starbucks is sweetening its music alliance with Apple. Starting October 2nd and running through November 7th, customers can receive "Song of the Day" cards they can redeem through the iTunes music store.


Leopard specs: Leopard is expected to shoot past the minimum 800 MHz G4 system stated in developer documentation. The new minimum is expected to be set at an 867 MHz G4.


At least they have outer space: Virgin will shut down it's online music service here and in the UK. The online store will go dark October 19th. Virgin cola and vodka are available for customers to drown their sorrows.


MP3 Mix: Artist are beginning mix their songs for the MP3 format. British producers The Boiler Boys have developed a technique after studying the records of The Beatles and Motown hits. Vinyl aficionados are sure to scoff at the news.


Halo 3 release: Halo 3 fans using OS X can keep track of their Xbox Live friends using Friendz. Find out who's skipping work on Tuesday to play the latest prequel to the circa 1994 Macintosh video game, Marathon.


Are you ready to rock?: Today is your last chance to enter the Air Guitar Master Contest. All you have to do is faux-rock on video and send it in.




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