Woz Teaches Segway Polo

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Woz Teaches Segway Polo


Looking to become a professional Segway polo player, but a little unsure on the rules. Once again, Woz has you covered with a series of instructional videos to help you achieve Segway polo greatness.


The series of videos includes, Mr. Wozniak instructing us on safety and Segway basics, the rules of Segway polo, using the equipment properly and finally, a quiz to see if we've been paying attention.


Now that the mysterys of Segway polo have been revealed, the Mac|Life staff has ordered a fleet of its own Segways. Get ready to start rooting for the Mac|Life Fighting Lolcats Segway polo team.


Go Lolcats!




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Ha! The Woz is some crazy stuff, man!
Thanks for running this! I know some don't consider it news-worthy, but every Mac enthusiast should know of the Woz!



I knew someone was going to question the sanity of running this story. I for one am glad to see it here. It's rather unimportant to my daily life, but on the other hand, where else would I run across news about Woz and his Segway?

It's a curiosity. Keep with the curiosities!



Is this seriously todays news? There's nothing better to report on, like the test results of SSD vs HD on the MacBook Air, or actual battery life tests of the Air? Anything is better than this crap. I mean, seriously who cares about Woz's Segway lifestyle?

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