Wrangle the Apple Remote

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Wrangle the Apple Remote

If your Apple TV and computer are in the same room using the Apple Remote can be a pain. Suddenly, your computer is launching Front Row and browsing your prog rock collection. Before you start blocking the IR port with your Rush records, here are a few options to solve your remote problems.



You can turn off the IR port on your computer by clicking System Preferences > Security > General, check the box that says, "Disable remote control infrared receiver," and your problem is solved.



If you still want to control you computer with an Apple Remote you can pair one of your Apple Remotes with computer. This can also be found in System Preferences > Security > General, click the Pair button. Now hold the selected remote a few inches from the IR port on your computer. Hold down the "Menu" and "Next" buttons at the same time. The computer will display the paired-remote graphic (shown below) when done. Now your computer will only react to the paired remote instead of your Apple TV remote.


To pair a remote on the Apple TV choose Settings > Pair Apple Remote. Press "Menu" and "Next" on a Apple Remote in front of your Apple TV until you get the linking chain graphic. The Apple TV will only recognize that remote now. 





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I just resolved this issue today!

3 Macs and an Apple TV in the same room equals chaos no more!



we have two new iMacs and this has been a problem, both are now paired to their own remote! thanks a ton.

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