WWDC 2007: Quick Updates

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WWDC 2007: Quick Updates

Steve Jobs took the stage at San Francisco's Moscone Center this morning to deliver the keynote address at the 2007 Worldwide Developers Conference. Mac Lifers are discussing the keynote in this thread, and we'll be providing quick updates here as things are announced. Check back later today for more in-depth analysis, and don't forget to come back tomorrow for our Mac|Live podcast, which will break down the news. (If you're at WWDC, we hope you're playing bingo.)


Some interesting numbers:

Apple Developer Connection has 950,000 members, up a whopping 200,000 from last year.

67% of the 22 million users of OS X are using Tiger.

More than 3,000 Dashboard widgets now exist.

18 million Safari users = 4.9 percent market share (IE is 78%, Firefox is 15%, others 2%)

iTunes is downloaded more than 1 million times a day.


Update: 11:20 am.

One LAST thing: iPhone ships June 29, 6 pm. How to let developers write apps while keeping the system secure? Safari engine will allow mobile apps based on Web 2.0 and AJAX tech. No SDK needed, just Web standards.


Update 11:12 am

One more thing: Safari 3 will run on XP and Vista as well as Mac OS X. Fastest browser on Windows. Tabs can be dragged around and even dropped into other Safari windows. Public betas being released today at www.apple.com/safari.


Update 11:08 am

Leopard will cost $129. Developers getting a full preview copy today. (Jokes that the Premium Version is $129, Ultimate Version is $129, har har.)


Update 11:06 am, 10:57, 10:53, 10:48, 10:44, 10:35, 10:27, 10:20

Ten Leopard features being demoed today, of "over 300 new features." (Some were already unveiled at last year's WWDC, though...)


1. Desktop gets a new look, with a narrower, more 3D Dock, no more brushed metal, new Stacks to keep the desktop free of clutter.


2. New Finder. (And no, it's not Google Desktop.) Redesigned sidebar, smart searches, search shared computers, and a Cover Flow-like interface that lets you page through documents, PDFs, files, in the Finder just like you already do in iTunes.


3. Quick Look. Lets you instantly preview text, PDF, image, and other common filetypes (plug-ins available for devs) without opening an application (even Preview). Can do full-screen previews or show them in a window.


4. Leopard is fully 64-bit "from top to bottom." One version of the OS will run both 64-bit and 32-bit applications.


5. Core Animation. Easy way for developers to add animation to their apps.


6. Boot Camp. Integrated into the O, can run Vista and XP at their native speeds. Meant as a complement to Parallels Desktop and VMware Fusion.


7. Spaces. Virtual Desktop areas let you organize your windows into groups and then jump from "space" to "space" depending on what you're doing. Easy to drag and drop windows and apps from one space to another.


8. Dashboard. Web clip feature makes it easy for any user to create a widget by clipping part of a webpage in Safari. Dashcode tools for developers to keep making their own widgets, too.


9. iChat. Better audio chat via the new AAC-Low Delay audio codec. Tabbed chat, a la Adium. Photo Booth effects and video backdrops for some fun. iChat Theater lets you show an iPhoto slideshow or Keynote presentation, show videos, anything that works in Quick Look


10. Time Machine. One-click setup. Backs up everything to local hard drive or server, even wirelessly. If you have a drive attached to your AirPort Extreme Base Station, you can back up more than one computer. Find lost files by searching back in time, preview with Quick Look, restore individual files or your whole Mac.


Update: 10:16 am

More on games: John Carmack, legendary developer for id Software, on stage to to demo that company's next-gen tech coming to the Mac. More to come at E3.


Update: 10:11 am

Gamers will be happy to hear that Electronic Arts will once again be developing for the Mac. Games in development include Harry Potter, Madden 08, Tiger Woods 08, Command & Conquer 3, Battlefield 2142, Need for Speed: Carbon, and more.




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When I got the newsletter from MacWorld yesterday night about Safari 3 Beta for Windows I was SUPER excited, I use a Windows Xp Home Edition laptop, and I'm gonna buy a MacBook for Christmas! And believe me soon-to-be switchers like me are really excited about this release! I downloaded it immediatly, it works incredibly, as I writte this right now I'm using it!

Steve Jobs you ROCK!

Live Long and Prosper (Yes I'm a trekkie)




Aaarg! Darn it! I can't beleive they didn't reveal any new iMacs, let alone hardware upgrades... I did see some iMac looking things that were a bit sleeker, in a short clip of the Keynote. I don't know how much longer I can hold out. I desperately need a mac, and I don't want to buy one and have it upgraded the next day. Who really cares about the iPhone? Of course it was amazing, but that was what last years keynote was about. Does anyone know if traditionaly anything else is added in the latter days? I hope something is unveiled for atleast the end of june... I won't wait much longer than that. 8)


David Willmore

Geez. Why did Apple have to delay Leopard!! Why couldn't they just delay the iPhone (its going to flop anyway) and release the REAL version of Leopard at WWDC, instead of some crappy BETA version. Thats something that Microsoft would do (cough, cough VISTA). Apple really needs to get it's act together, because people like me don't want to wait until October to get 10.5, and (presumably) iLife, iWork, ect.



Man..... ur a total cry baby....are you like 12 years old or something? 5 months is not that long a wait. Beats 5 years for Vista. And as for your iPhone bashing I really doubt it's going to flop. I've been saving for one but plan on waiting at least 2 months for any bugs to show up and get cleared before I buy one. And all marketing data is showing a major slow down in high end phones in what is assumed delayed buyers waiting for the iPhone.... just like me. You need to relax.... and quit being such a whiny bastard. Ur gonna have to wait till Oct.... as will I but I'm sure it will be a rockin OS.



Let me guess. All those new games are Intel-only and hell will freeze over before I get BF2142 or Quake Wars on my PPC G5.

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