WWDC 2008 Announced, iPhone Set to Conquer Everything

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WWDC 2008 Announced, iPhone Set to Conquer Everything


WWDC 2008: Apple has announced the dates (and pricing) for the 2008 Worldwide Developers Conference. This year's should be the biggest ever, since it's also the planned release of the finished iPhone SDK. The whole thing goes down June 9 through 13 at Moscone West in San Francisco. See you then!


But: The iPhone SDK lovefest is already in full force. PC Magazine says the iPhone is destined to be the next PC: "We may look back at this iPhone SDK launch as a defining moment in the world of personal computing." Chris Howard of Apple Matters thinks the Cocoa Touch layer in the iPhone OS "bodes very well for future touch interface developments on Macs." And responses to both the iPhone SDK beta and the $100 million iFund have reportedly been overwhelming.


iPhone as gaming platform: Another thing everyone's excited about is the iPhone's potential as a handheld gaming device—one you never need to haul game discs or cartridges around for, either. Victor Godinez of the Dallas Morning News thinks it could really hurt sales of the Sony PSP. And MSNBC chimes in on the iPhone's gaming potential too.

Speaking of gaming: Feral Interactive announced that Fable: The Lost Chapters will be released on the Mac March 31. You can preorder it now.

Apple DVR: AppleInsider has unearthed a 2006 patent showing a DVR version of the Apple TV, along with a sweet touchscreen remote. Um, yes please?


And finally: The hills are alive with the sound of iPhones. Yep, the iPhone is out in Austria today! And Ireland too.



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The iPhone will be fun to use with all these apps that will pop up all over the place, especially any games that may come about. If games really kick off for this appliance, Apple could very well make their own gaming system! They will probably need to up the memory on it, though. I imagine that users will download a lot of these apps. I'm sure Apple could even use the same drives they put in the iPods for the iPhone as well. I'm crossing my fingers for this Apple DVR gizmo, too! ALL HAIL STEVE!!

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