WWDC Hype, Analysts Predict New Macs, & More

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WWDC Hype, Analysts Predict New Macs, & More

WWDC buzz. Now that the D Conference is winding down, hype is building for the Worldwide Developers Conference the week after next. Analyst Shawn Wu has predicted a "Mac-centric" keynote at WWDC (as opposed to ice-cream-centric or llama-centric?), focusing on Leopard and a new line of Macs. He even floated the long-shot possibility that we'll see the rumored subnotebook "MacBook mini" with flash memory in lieu of a traditional hard drive. AppleInsider rounds up anecdotal evidence of new notebooks, including the rebranding of the online Apple Store's refurb section, now called the Apple Outlet. And speculation has resumed about Leopard's still-secret features, too.


Countdown to iPhone continues. LoopRumors claims that "new information suggests" that the iPhone will support Google Maps' nifty new street-level views. eWeek wonders what other Google apps will find their way to the iPhone too. And it's plain that Steve Jobs "gets" supply and demand, which is why, in the iPhone's case, he's rooting for demand. Also, MacCat iz waitin to sync w/ teh iPhone. Nice.


In other Apple news: Interest is growing in exploiting Macs, according to eWeek's news analysis, but columnist David Morgenstern says that Macs are still more secure than Windows PCs -- it's just a simple fact. iTWire feels that yesterday's hand-wringing over the personal data Apple embeds in iTunes Plus tracks is a little silly, but Maceinstein wonders if the move violates the company's own terms of service. Good news for gamers: Version 3.0 of Parallels Desktop for Mac will support 3D graphics acceleration, which should let Mac users play OpenGL and Direct X games in Windows without rebooting. And iLounge has released "The Free iPod Book 3.0," its collection of tips, tricks, products, and iPhone specs and info.




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Wouldn't the fact that the iPhone is fully internet enabled with Safari allow it to use Google apps anyway?



My bid for Super-secret features has everything to do with Core Animation. I'm really, really surprised this isn't the most talked about feature of Leopard. Seriously, this technology opens up unlimited possibilities of interface design. If the subtle effects in Time machine are any indication...we could see some serious S@#T at this year's WWDC.

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