WWDC Keynote - Live Updates

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WWDC Keynote - Live Updates


Welcome to the live blog of the WWDC '08 Keynote. The latest updates will be posted at the top of the page. Reload for the latest updates.


11:52AM: It'over folks. Stick with Mac|Life as we sort through all of today's news.


11:50AM: Steve thinks this WWDC will be the best so far.


11:49AM: Steve gives the iPhone team props. Give it up for the iPhone wizards!


11:48AM: new Ad - being palyed.


11:16AM: July 11th roll out date in 22 countries. Start camping outside Apple Stores now!


11:45AM: Price - $199 8GB / $299 16GB. 16Gb comes in white.



11:43AM: 70 countries - 3G roll out over the next seven months.


11:42AM: Go Malta!


11:42AM: Oh god, that song will be in my head all day now - Thanks Apple! (Robbie)


11:41AM: It's a small world - soo many new countries!


11:40AM: Tracking your moves with GPS. Geocaching here we come.


11:39AM: GPS!


11:38AM: battery time 300 hours standby time - 2G Talk time 10 hours- 3G talk time 5 hours - 5-6 hours of high speed browsing, 24 hours audio, 7 hours video time.


11:37AM: iPhone 3g 36% faster than Nokia N series and Tre. 3G is approaching Wi-Fi speeds.


11:34AM: 3G speed tests: website download benchmark - 21 sec on 3G / 59 seconds on EDGE - 2.8x times faster. Amazingly Zippy!


11:33AM: black on black, flush headphone jack, improved audio, slimmer, solid metal buttons



11:32AM: iPhone 3G!!!! ZOMG!


11:31AM: iPhone challenges - iPhones 3G network, enterprise, more countries, thrid-party apps, more countries, more afforadable.


11:29AM: Steve's back, waxes poetic about the iPhone. "This is the phone that's changed phones forever"Users love their iPhones, 90% customer satisfaction. 80% using 10 or more features. 6 million iPhones sold.


11:28AM: $99 a year, 20GB of storage available in early july, replaces .Mac. Buh bye .Mac.


11:26AM: Shares his photos with his parents via MobileMe fast and easy, boom right into the gallery. Phile loves his parents.


11:23AM:The Apple folks really love seafood. Phil added a sushi place to his contacts.


11:22AM: Gallery interface, wow. iDisk integration.


11:20AM: Drag and drop your email from the web application. Nice.


11:18AM: Web 2.0 interface. Share your pics with your MobileMe account gallery. Me.com


11:16AM: Your MobileMe stores your info is "up in the clouds." Push email and calendar. Works with Outlook for PC users.


11:15AM: It's Exchange for the rest of us. Oh snap, called Active Sync Active Stink.



11:14AM: MobileMe with Phil Schiller.


11:13AM: SDK can register up to 100 iPhones. Thats way more than the five iPhones you can develop on now.


11:12AM: Enterprise can deliver custom Apps over their internal intranet.


11:10AM: App Store, seemless use updates automatically. Develoeprs get 70% of App revenue. App Store will be in 62 countries. 10MB or less download directly over the air, Wi-Fi and iTunes. 10MB or More, Wi-Fi and iTunes downloads.


11:09AM: iPhone 2.0 released in early July. Free for iPhone, $9.95 for iPod touch.


11:08AM: Steve's back - new features: contact search, MS Office support, word, excel, powerpoint.Save images from email to gallery. Scientific calculato, parental controls, tons of new languages - switch between them on the fly.


11:04AM: push badges, custom alerts. All works over the air. Avaiable in September, will be seeded to developers soon.


11:03AM: Push notification service available to all developers. Yippeee!


11:02AM: Apple - Background applications = Bad. Bad for your battery and other applications. Takes swipe at windows mobile.


11:00AM: 1 Hour mark - developers are thanked. They love the SDK. Feature request, background running application.



10:58AM: Developer from Spain - made demo of game in two weeks. Should be ready by September.


10:57AM: Launching with App Store.


10:56AM: Pretty sweet interface. If only we'd all gone to medical school.


10:54AM: MIMvista - more medical Apps. Expect your Dr. to ignore you while browing YouTube, we mean using their sweet Apps.


10:51AM: Medical learning App, Modality. Learn about your inards.


10:50AM: More Demos. They'll never end.



10:48AM: MLB.com for the baseball fans. Real time updates for every game. "At Bat" in hte App store at laucnh



10:47AM: Mark Terry, our new hero with his rad App, Band.


10:46AM: Oh boy insurance industry Apps with Mark Terry -- oh wait, he made a music program. Rock on dude!


10:45AM: Driving on the iPhone = Fun. Both games $9.99.


10:43AM: Two games ported from OS X. Cromag rally and Enigmo.


10:42AM: Pangea is taking the stage.


10:41AM: You can report the news form your iPhone. Here comes trouble!


10:40AM: Check out the news with photos and video. Woohoo for news. Share the news with your friends.


10:39AM: The AP is next. Wait, what?


10:38AM: Blogging from your iPhone and adding photos from your photo gallery. Free at launch of App Store.


10:37AM: Typepad takes the stage. Largest professional blogging service in the world.


10:36AM: Loopt is free - find your friends.


10:35AM: Sam Altman from Loopt is next - Location social network.



10:33AM: iPhone number one mobile device to access eBay. eBay App "Auctions" developed in 5 weeks.


10:32AM: eBay on stage. Sell your old iPhone with the new iPhone.



10:30AM: 110 stages of Super Monkey Ball. All four classic classic monkeys, 5 distinct worlds. will launch with App Store for $9.99!



10:27AM: Here comes Sega -- Come on sonic and Super Monkey Ball


10:26AM: SDK -- it's loved by mobile develoepers. iPhone blows Blackberry and Windows Mobile away. Oh Burn!


10:24AM: Interface built, wired up, build it and BAM! We're cooking with gas! Now he's compiling it to his iPhone, it's like he's done this before!


10:20AM:We're building user interfaces people on stage, live coding. Scott's a wizard!


10:19AM: X-Code, it pretty much rocks according to Scott.


10:18AM: Open Gl real time screen graphics, Cocoa Touch makes building screen touch apps a breeze.


10:17AM: Sharing same API and tools as Apple internal. API's and frameworks share extensive basis of OS X. Same source code.


10:16AM: SDK time! Go Scott Forestall!


10:15AM: Disney, Law Firms, Army dudes, they all love the iPhone.


10:14AM: Corporate America "hearts" the iPhone.


10:13AM: It's enterprise video time!


10:12AM: Enterprise - Push email, Cisco VPN, network security, All the stuff we've heard before. 35% of Fortune 500 have participated in iPhone SDK Beta program.


10:10AM: 3 iPhone parts - Enterprise, SDK, new user features


10:09AM: 250,000 SDK downloads. 25,000 paid developers. 4,000 people in SDK program.


10:08AM: Three parts to Apple, Mac, iTunes, iPhone


10:07AM: It's Steve! 5,200 attendees. 147 sessions, 85 on Mac 62 on iPhone.


10:03AM: Lots of Classic rock. Is the keynote being held in the '50s?


10:00AM: Turn off your iPhones people. Steve's getting ready to take the stage.


9:52AM: Giddy with excitement.


9:45AM: Doors open everyone is filing in.






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you can get onto the store front, all you need to do is go to the mac section of the site and click buy a mac. Then on the next page click shop iphone.



I believe that was the lamest WWDC keynote in Apple History. All iPhone BS, wheres Mac related stuff? Lame, lame, lame. I thought leopard being delayed last year from iPhone was bad, my god no. Now the computers have taken backseat with the OS. WTF



there was a little news about the next version of OS X Snow Leopard, but i dont think its mentioned here. Its gonna be a more secure, faster, and in terms of memory smaller than leopard.



No 32 GB? LAME!



Did you actually expect Apple to give us all these new features AND more memory??? No, more memory will come in a few months after everyone has gone out and bought a new phone already, causing many of them to go out and buy iPhone 3G #2. I WAS hoping for a 16GB Nano, though.

'Tis Apple's money-grubbing way...



I was so excited because I have waited for a 3g iphone, refused to buy 1.0 because of the edge network. Now they announce 3g but no 32gb, seeing as how the Ipod Touch already has that why on god's green earth would the iphone not have that. seeing as how that is apparently Apple's new flagship.

Disappointed to say the least


jeff b

That's Bo Diddley (as I found from another, more detailed site) not just 'classic rock'. RIP, Bo.

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