WWDC Keynote Set, Leopard Sets Sales Record and Cheerleaders

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WWDC Keynote Set, Leopard Sets Sales Record and Cheerleaders


WWDC event schedule: It's official, Steve will lead the WWDC keynote. Of course, we all already knew that, but it's good to get the official word. There is always the chance Apple will mix it up with a Phil Schiller keynote.


Leopard is a success: Leopard is the highest selling OS produced by Apple. Not even the early incarnation of Stacks could keep it down.




Computer commercial with cheerleaders: It's like shooting fish in a barrel. Apple has posted two new "Get a Mac" ads and one of them has cheerleaders. The other ad has guys in suits. Which will you watch? Fight, fight, fight!!!




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OK ... I am laughing my a** off because my buddy, my "I use a PC buddy", just bought a Mac. He came up to me the other day and said, "You will never guess what I just did?" ... I had not seen him for about a month. YEARS ago we used to joust about PC vs MACs ... but then it just died ... we got tired of the rhetoric and stopped "jousting" ... then the other day ... out of no where ... I knew as soon as he said it. I knew. I joked and said, "what, you voted for Hillary in the primaries." Knowing full well he had just bought a Mac. He shook his head smiling and said, "I bought a Mac Book Pro." ... Thanks Steve, we may not agree on many things but I do agree you should keep making a difference in the business world and the world of computers. I'm a MAC (user) and your the King!"


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